Top Reviewed Air Purifiers of 2022

DWP Group – one of the market leaders of home appliances in Pakistan, is offering top-quality air purifiers for making your home environment safe & healthy for you and your family. Air purification has become a necessity in recent years due to ever-increasing pollution and its harmful effects on human health. People who live in open areas are not completely safe, but are less exposed to air pollution compared to the residents of urban areas. The fact that houses are usually closer to each other in urban areas compared to rural areas makes the former even more prone to a higher concentration of pollutants in the air.

The air enclosed in your home becomes even more dangerous if the air quality index in your vicinity is higher than usual. What you need is a room air purifier that can indicate the air quality index and subsequently filter indoor air so that you and your family can breathe clean air. DWP home is here to ensure that your home is as safe as it should be and that is why we are offering you the best air purifier in Pakistan; air purifier Gree.

Best Air Purifier 2022

DWP Home is offering you GREE GA 350WI Air purifier for transforming indoor polluted air to clean breathable quality air. It is the most suitable air purifier for home because of its high Clean Air Delivery Rate(CADR) of 350 m3/h. At this delivery rate, even the most polluted indoor air will be cleaned in a matter of minutes. When it comes to CADR, the higher it is the more effective is the air cleaning. The Gree air purifier’s effectiveness spreads to an area of 25 to 42 square meters, indicating the sheer power of this machine.

Air Purifier

 It can conveniently provide air cleaning coverage to a covered area of 486 square meters. That implies that it is powerful enough to clean the indoor air of a large living room. The Gree air purifier price is Rs. 45,000 which is considered affordable when compared with other air purifiers in the market which have a much lower capacity. The price also seems affordable when you consider the utility of the air purifier.

Best Air Purifier for Allergies

Air can be polluted for several reasons. Pollen and dust particles are the top two pollutants that can get easily carried with air straight to your indoor areas. If the concentration of these two pollutants gets higher than usual they can cause various health issues like flu, allergies, lung diseases, and also affect your eyes. An air purifier with a high CADR and equipped with the right type of filter can substantially reduce the concentration of these particles and make indoor air clean for you.

The Gree air purifier with a high CADR and equipped with an incredibly fine filter can conveniently perform this job. The Gree purifier has a filter indicator that alerts you if the filter needs replacement. These features make it one of the best air purifiers for home and comparable to top-rated air purifiers around the globe.

Best Indoor Air Purifier

The Gree Air purifier has a power input of 25 Watts, implying that you won’t have to worry about your electricity bill. It’s energy-efficient but not at the expense of effective air filtration. This indoor air purifier can kill 99.99 % of bacteria and viruses, protecting you from airborne diseases such as covid-19 and SARS. It has five different fan speeds to choose from.

Air Purifier

 Despite being a powerful house air purifier it has low noise levels so you are not disturbed when you are sleeping. You can select from three different modes including auto, turbo, and sleeping. The sleeping mode helps you conserve energy and therefore save your electricity bill. Its compact size makes it possible for you to treat it as an air purifier portable and move it from room to room.

Best Air Purifier for Smog

In recent years, there has been a new development when it comes to air pollution. Smog! something we Pakistanis were not even aware of five years ago. Smog has risen to dangerous levels in the last five years, making Lahore one of the most polluted cities in the world. Just recently, Lahore ranked second in the world in air pollution. Reasons for this sudden rise include the burning of agricultural land, increased industrialization, usage of low-quality fuel, and a considerable increase in population. 

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All these factors have made our indoor air unbreathable. DWP home is providing one of the top-rated air purifiers for smog when it comes to indoor air. The Gree air purifier’s high flow rate and premium quality filter can minimize the effects of smog and protect you from its harmful effects. These outstanding features make it the best air purifier 2022.


You have to live with some things. Unfortunately, it seems that air pollution is one of them. Unless the government takes serious measures to curtail air pollution and protect people from its detrimental effects there is not much the public can do. However, the public can take measures to reduce the effects of pollution by taking advantage of innovations such as the air purifier. 

DWP home is offering one of the best air purifiers in Pakistan, the Gree Air purifier. Why is it the best? High CADR, high filtration efficiency, low power consumption, low noise operation, efficient filter material, and affordable pricing make it the best choice for consumers. The purifier’s filter has a useful life of 12 months and the filters are easily available at a reasonable price. Air purifiers are as essential as air conditioners, heaters, and other useful appliances.

They are imperative for healthy living and offer protection for you and your loved ones against the ever-increasing harmful effects of pollution. We, at DWP home, strive to provide you with quality products at reasonable prices so that you can get the best in life. Get in touch with DWP Home for purchasing the Gree Air purifier at a price of just Rs.45,000.

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