Some Home Appliances That Are Best For Everyday Use

Are you hustling to find out the best way to elevate your living standard by incorporating cost-effective home appliances and some useful kitchen appliances, and find nothing worthy yet?

We have got your back. DWP has everything a household needs. From luxuriant food processors to sleek designed air purifiers, we have worth purchasing the best devices. 

And one of the leading brands in Pakistan, EcoStar, provides the finest quality home appliances that can bring uniqueness to your table. Besides these, they supply free delivery of their products nationwide. 

So, it is your time to upgrade your home with some functional appliances that can ultimately automate your overall house system for enhanced resource management. 

For your ease, we have listed down some useful products that would surely be your picks, so let’s see what we have got for you.

Portable Juicer Blender Just One Click Away

One thing that you will notice at first glance is its sleek design and premium quality. Working on 500W copper wire, it promises the comfort that you expect from this juicer machine.

The total space this home electric appliance can behold is 1.5 L and operating on 2 speed and pulse function, you can turn on or off whatever you want. With its anti-slip innovative feature, you can place this machine wherever you want, thus called a portable juicer blender.

Worrying its steel would cause stains and spots on it? This luxuriant product of Ecostar is made with stainless steel giving you a free opportunity to use it effortlessly.

If you are wondering how many blade pieces this juicer blender has, then it has six pieces made with stainless steel that are quite easy for disassembling as well as for washing. 

The middle ring of this machine offers you to do the on, off, and pause functions as per your need. For quick working, it also has a micro safety button.

The price of this juicer blender is RS 6,500. The cost and the proficiency it brings make it the best juicer machine, so hurry up and don’t wait any further to add this elegant device to your cart!

Portable Juicer Blender

Wide Range of Electric Tea Kettles

Bored of traditional-looking electric kettles, and wants to upgrade your kitchen with an aesthetic machine? Then, this electric kettle is just for you!

Working in 1850 – 2200 W brings comfort by consuming less energy. With a capacity of 1.7 L, it has an auto-lid opening system, giving you access to check the quantity of liquid remaining. The heat plate of this electric device comes with a light indicator that illuminates the whole water gauge. 

One of many innovative features that you will observe here is the Mesh filter that traps any dust and impurities in that itself. If you ever forgot that you had to switch off the machine and are now stressing over the energy wastage, then don’t stress, as this electric kettle has an automatic turn-off function.

Place this electric tea kettle wherever you want. Its anti-slip feet made it portable as well as supporting. Made with premium quality, it has a 360-degree rotational feature, so you don’t have to place this heaved machine from one place to another.

This electric kettle’s price is 2,950 which is quite economical if it comes with many beneficial features like these. 

Electric Tea Kettles

Pocket-friendly Sandwich Machines

A sandwich maker that eases your life, besides making a sophisticated addition to your kitchen appliances would surely be a blessing!

The one that we have come up with has 2 slices capacity that makes them cut and cooked in a beautiful pattern. For your comfort, it has a heating and cooked light indicator to inform you that your sandwich has been made.

Besides these, it has a non-stick special coating that doesn’t let the sandwiches shrunken when being made. And don’t worry about the thought that it would have a hot handle when you bring out the sandwiches, the handle touch of this sandwich machine is cool.  

It has rubber feet that ensure it stays in one place while working. Moreover, the lock-in lid of this device enables you to lock it properly. The thermostat controls the temperature of this kitchen appliance the way it is guided and according to the requirement too.

The price of this black-colored versatile machine is RS 3,900, which is very budget-friendly. 

Pocket-friendly Sandwich Machines

Buy Your Favorite Items from DWP 

Above mentioned electronic appliances are all up to bring you comfort, style, and royalty.

Purchase these products at affordable rates from the DWP home page, and get benefited. We provide free shipping and after-purchasing services, which makes us the best platform to opt for home and kitchen appliances. 

For further details, specifications, and buying guidance, contact us now!

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