PSL Price Promotion For the #GameThat Matters

The cricket fever in Pakistan is a level apart from the rest of the world. There might not be a nation in the world that is more passionate about cricket than us Pakistan. We celebrate each bowl, each shot and each catch made or dropped. It doesn’t matter if our team is losing, we will watch the match till the last ball. It is safe to say that cricket is the #GameThatMatters the most for Pakistan.

That is why EcoStar has introduced an exciting campaign and promotion for the PSL tournament. We truly believe that our consumers deserve the best and there is nothing quite like the EcoStar TV as it has all the #FeaturesThatMatter. That is why we have introduced multiple activities and opportunities for our consumers so that they could make their PSL more special by winning exclusive EcoStar giveaways.

We’ve kicked things off with a teaser hinting that our EcoStar consumers can win exclusive prizes by watching the #GameThatMatters that is cricket. We all know Pakistani’s take each game extremely seriously and that leads to amazing reactions. Keeping that in mind we introduced the hashtag #ReactionsThatMatter in which we asked our audience to capture and share their reaction or their loved ones for a chance to get featured on the EcoStar page and win exclusive prizes. Reactions aren’t the only thing unique about Pakistani cricket lovers, we’re also very superstitious. We follow a few superstitions that we follow religiously. Some believe if they watch the match, their team will lose it. Some believe if they change the channel their team might get a wicket. That is why we asked our consumers to share their superstitions and it’s safe to say we had a lot of fun entries. Some fans believe if they follow the superstition their team might win and if their team wins they celebrate like they have won the tournament. That is why we asked our followers to share winning #SelfiesThatMatter representing the team that they support and get a chance to win exclusive prizes.

The most entertaining thing about cricket is that it can be very unpredictable. All it could take is a single no-ball or a catch drop to change the course of the game! That is why we decided to level up the competition by asking our followers to keep an eye out and capture the game-changing #MomentsThatMatter in the match and share their entries. The best thing is every supporter thinks their teams will dominate the tournament and will be crowned champions. Pakistani’s love to make predictions and that is why decided to ask our followers to submit their predictions about who they think will play the semi-final and the final and who they think will win the PSL. We’re super excited to see how many of our consumers will make the correct predictions. These were a fun few activities and competitions we introduced to make PSL more special. That’s not it, we believe that every one of our customers is a champion and that is why we believe they deserve to see the most anticipated tournament on the EcoStar TVs that offer an immersive viewing experience as it has all the #FeaturesThatMatter.

EcoStar also introduced an exclusive PSL Price Promotion Campaign that allows our consumers to buy EcoStar TVs at a special price. They can save up to Rs. 3000 on the purchase of selected products throughout this campaign. For us, all our EcoStar consumers are the #ChampionsThatMatter because just like EcoStar TV they have all the #FeaturesThatMatter

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