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Best AC Inverters of 2021

DWP Home is dedicated to bringing high-quality electricity & home appliances to your doorstep. The success and acceptance of inverter products in Pakistan can be attributed to the increasing cost of electricity. However, products like an inverter AC offer you more than one solution. You can use them to cool your rooms during the hot summers and use them as heaters during the cold winters.

Not just this, the split air conditioner also saves your cost by lowering the input voltage when the required temperature has been reached. The latest models come with additional features such as air filtration, air purification, WIFI Control, and other smart features. Within the split AC market, Gree inverter ACs have performed exceptionally well. From standing units to Split ACs, they are the primary choice of users owing to their durability, efficiency, and affordability.

Ecostar is another star performer and because of its relative affordability is fast becoming another good choice for consumers. Both, Gree and EcoStar have been manufactured with premium quality parts.

2.0 Ton Inverter AC

Market performance of both Gree and EcoStar when compared to other brands reveals another interesting fact. Split AC price is not the primary deciding factor when it comes to the purchaser. Quality and market repute are the primary factors that influence the purchase decision. A 2 ton inverter AC by Gree will cost you somewhere from Rs.112,900 to Rs.149,900 depending on the variant you choose.

EcoStar has three variants in the 2.0-ton category. These include the crown series, Argus series, and G-Smart series. The 2 ton inverter AC price for EcoStar ranges from 122,000 to 125,000. Regardless of which one you choose among the two brands, some features are guaranteed including thermal efficiency, cost efficiency, and durability.

Please keep in mind that the ideal air conditioning required depends on the size of the room, the capacity of the AC, the positioning of your AC, and exposure to sunlight. As a rule of thumb, a 2-ton inverter AC is capable of cooling an enclosed area ranging from 2251 Cubic ft to 3350 Cubic ft.

1.5 Ton Inverter AC

The 1.5 Ton split AC series by Gree includes six variants. Five of these are inverters while one is fixed speed. The prices of the 1.5-ton Inverter AC series range from Rs.99,900 to Rs.119,900. The latter is the price of the top-of-the-line Gree Fairy Series, while the former is the price of the Pular series. The EcoStar 1.5 ton variants include crown series, primo series, Argus series, and G-smart series. The price of these variants ranges from Rs.89,900 to Rs.96,500. The prices are quite competitive if you compare them with inverter air conditioner prices of other brands such as to AC. The 1.5 ton Inverter AC can conveniently cool a room measuring between 1000 cubic ft to 2250 cubic ft.

1.0  Ton Inverter AC

DWP Home is offering 6 variants of Gree 1.0 Ton Split ACs including 5 inverter variants and 1 fixed speed variant. The inverter variants include Pular and Fairy Econo Series. The price of the inverters ranges from Rs.77,900 to Rs.85,900. The latter is the price of the top-quality inverter among 1.0 Ton Inverter AC series. The 1 Ton inverter AC is capable of cooling rooms up to an area of 1000 cubic ft and is built to keep a tight lid on your electricity bill without compromising on efficiency. EcoStar is offering three variants in the 1.0 Ton series. These include Argus Series, G-Smart series, Primo series, and crown series with slight differences in their prices and features.

Best Inverter AC

The best inverter AC for you is the one that can conveniently condition the air inside your room efficiently. By efficient, we mean that it does not use electricity more than the desired amount and therefore does not burden your pocket. Like we said before, the AC capacity should be sufficient compared to your room size and you should also take into account other factors such as the height of the floor you live on. It is always best to purchase an air conditioner slightly larger than your required capacity.

The factor more important than inverter AC price is the monthly savings it will offer you. Even if you opt for an inverter AC with a capacity larger than your requirement, you will still reap the benefits of an inverter. This is because inverters are built to drop the voltage intake once the room has reached your required temperature. Gree and EcoStar are one of the best inverter AC brands in the market.

Both have captured a considerable market share over the years and both have constantly improved their products. Their market repute when it comes to durability, performance, and after-sales service is impeccable. They are also affordable for nearly every household and have been priced competitively. 


The best thing about inverter ACs is that regardless of their size. They will save cost by dropping their voltage consumption as soon as the desired room temperature is achieved. This is a welcoming feature especially when electricity costs are constantly increasing in the country. Another amazing thing about inverter ACs is that they can be used for heating as well. This implies that you can say goodbye to gas heaters and save your gas bills.

Choose from a range of Gree and EcoStar Inverter AC Series available at DWP Home to benefit from these incredible features. Our after-sales service and repair/replacement policy are customer-friendly. Make sure that you select the right capacity for your home. Always let the authorized technicians install your air conditioners and always make proper calculations before installation.

Take into account factors such as your floor level, sunlight exposure, coverage area, and the positioning of your inverter AC. Always contact the authorized personnel when your inverter AC requires repair. Follow these tips and your Gree or EcoStar AC will have a long life while still delivering exceptional performance and high-cost efficiency.

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