Our Best Home Appliances of 2022 

No matter how beautiful your home is, it will remain incomplete without the right home appliances. Many household appliances have become a necessary part of our home due to the ease and comfort they provide. They save your time, energy, and money. DWP Home has dedicated itself to providing you with quality appliances. Whether you want to purchase water dispensers or a micro oven, a heater, or an air conditioner, DWP Home is a reliable place where you can get them from.

Get Quality Appliances At Honest Prices

Our ambition is to provide the right appliances at reasonable prices which everyone can afford. This is why we have a wide range of quality appliances available in different price ranges. We also have a range of other appliances such as juicers, blenders, air purifiers, etc. Make your home complete with the best appliances and do not compromise on quality. We provide appliances of reputable brands such as Gree and EcoStar. Both the brands have established a name for themselves in the Pakistani market when it comes to quality, durability, cost-efficiency, and after-sales service. Some of our best appliances are mentioned below in order to facilitate you through the process of buying.

Air Purifier

Our dear homeland, Pakistan, is following a fast path to development. This development, however, is also facing many challenges. Environmental pollution is one of them. In the last few years, the Air Quality Index of Pakistan, especially Punjab, has risen above the tolerable level. Smog is affecting our health and remains one of the biggest challenges of our times. 

However, technological advancement has found the answer to this and has led to the innovation of air purifiers. An air purifier can purify indoor air effectively and therefore mitigate the effects of air pollutants. The sector of home appliances in Pakistan is also witnessing the introduction of these innovative products and Gree has launched its very own air purifier. The best air purifier is the one that has a high Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR), the Gree air purifier has a CADR of 350 m3/h which is sufficient to clean an enclosed area of 486 sq ft.

The purifier is also equipped with an air quality indicator and a filter replacement reminder. It can kill up to 99.99 % of bacteria & germs. Protect yourself and your family by installing an air purifier in your home so you can breathe pure air.  For the best home appliances make your purchases from DWP Home.

Kitchen Appliances

Kitchen appliances such as micro ovens, juicers, grinders, food processors, sandwich makers, and other electric kitchen appliances are a must-have for a smart and modern home. We are offering several water dispensers by EcoStar. These are beautiful enough to grace your kitchen and will provide you with an uninterrupted supply of warm and cold water. The sleek dispensers are available in several sizes to match your water requirement. 

EcoStar has established itself as a manufacturer of the best kitchen appliances in very little time. EcoStar’s electric kettles and sandwich maker are an essential part of any kitchen and can save considerable time. These products carry a reasonable warranty and are priced for affordability. DWP Home is marketing these products after sufficient market research and has found them to be durable & cost-efficient.

Heating appliances 

Many parts of Pakistan go through extreme chilly winters and therefore heaters can be found in almost every Pakistani home.  Gas heaters have always been the primary choice of consumers due to the uninterrupted supply of gas. However, many parts of Pakistan face a serious shortage of gas during the winter and in such locations, electric heaters can come in handy. 

We are offering a Gree Electric room heater for the price of Rs.6200 only. Its compact size makes it easily storable and it consumes less electricity than many other brands so that you do not have to worry about the electricity bill. For safety, it is equipped with an auto-power off feature and it is also environment friendly. The Gree electric heater is the perfect room heater at such a reasonable price. 

DWP Home is also selling other heating appliances such as EcoStar’s steam iron which is the perfect choice for ironing clothes. It irons flawlessly and is great at busting wrinkles, smoothing all fabrics. The iron is reliable as well as affordable.


Other appliances

DWP Home is also offering a variety of other appliances such as juicers, grinders, sandwich makers, food processors, etc. EcoStar 3-in-1 Juicer blender grinder and EcoStar 2-in-1 juicer blender can be an amazing addition to your kitchen. They will reduce your work and save energy. We are also offering an EcoStar 10-in-1 food processor. The best food processor is the one that has the most features in a single unit and has all the necessary attachments. The Ecostar 10-in-1 food processor is the perfect fit for this definition. It is available for a price of Rs.10,500 which is much less compared to other brands.

DWP Home is also offering two different washing machines by EcoStar: Spin Dryer and Twin Tub. The former is priced at Rs.12,500 while the latter is priced at Rs. 17,700. Although the Spin Dryer is a good washing machine, the twin tub washing machine is even better as it performs both washing and drying. 


Home appliances are there to provide you with comfort as well as cost-efficiency. Buying appliances through a reputed store ensures that you get what you are promised. Nobody wants to spend money and then end up with appliances that do not work. Regardless of how much money you spent or which appliance you are looking for, we at DWP Home believe not just in providing quality products, but also products that match your requirement. 

We do not believe in selling for the sake of selling, in fact, we strive to make your home a better place and in doing so we believe that we too will progress towards our ultimate goal. We have selected our appliances based on their market repute, customer reviews, after-sales service, and affordability.  DWP Home is offering these products at competitive prices because we believe in building up a permanent customer base. We are sure that once you become our customer, you will stay ours.



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