As winters are in full swing, keeping cozy is becoming difficult day by day. That is why buying an inverter ac that offers you a reverse heating cycle would be a worthy decision to go for. 

But we know you would be perplexed about finding the perfect number on the thermostat that not only provides you comfort but also consume less electricity. 

What if we tell you that an inverter ac incorporates inverter technology and is manufactured with the newest advancement? Inverter ac is utilized to regulate the compressor’s speed to adjust the temperature accordingly. This regulated speed further allows it to maintain the temperature without shutting down its motor. Thus, the inverter air conditioning technology is more energy efficient than non-inverters Ac’s. 

Let’s see some advantages of utilizing inverter technology and how to get benefited from them in the best ways. Benefits of Inverter Technology in Winters 

The major benefits of inverter ACs that will make your life easy and comfortable are the following.

More Energy-Efficient Option

As the inverter air conditioner incorporates inverter technology which is considered the perfect solution when it comes to power saving and cost-effective operations. 

The heating and cooling methods are automated in a seamless manner. However, conventional technologies incorporate a lot of electricity regardless of usage. 

Silent Operational Working

As the inverter ac works at a very slow speed, that is why they are more silent. Now, you don’t have to listen to the irritating noise of the ac on a winter’s night. 

Apart from the compressor’s noise, there is no noise at all. 

Better Cooling and Vice Versa 

The non-inverter air conditioner cant adjust the level of cooling, whereas the inverter air conditioner technology incorporates a high-speed running compressor to speed up the cooling or heating process when it is required. 

More Cost-Effective Operation

Now, you don’t have to feel warmth in winter by purchasing electric heating devices, wood, coal, or gas. Your inverter ac works magic in summer as well as in winter too. 

As you are not using a heater, that is why there is no burden of cleaning ash or asbestos dust.

How Does an Inverter Technology Works?

The inverter technology is designed in such as way to adjust the functioning of the compressor according to the demand. When you first switch it on, it works at its full capacity. Later on, when it reached a certain temperature, the RMP (compressor rotational speed), work intensity, and power consumption starts decreasing. 

This mechanism saves a significant amount of energy, as compared to traditional ACs. The non-converter ACs work at their full potential all the time. 

The inverter ac units do not incorporate any electrical heaters inside them just like the other heating equipment does. Whereas they use the effect of compressed gas, which is one of the primary reasons for them being energy efficient.

Difference between Inverter and Non-Inverter AC

The inverter ac utilizes less power and they are more efficient than non-inverter ACs. 

The inverter and non-inverter technologies perform the same function but differ in the terms of the compressor motor type. 

The non-inverter AC works at a fixed amount of power at a fixed speed. This means that the AC compressor of the ac has to stop and start again to maintain the room’s temperature accurately.

Whereas, in inverter air conditioning systems, the compressor’s speed varies to make sure energy-efficient operations, and specific heating or cooling according to the desire.

After the compression of the refrigerant into the liquid, the refrigerant starts to cool and thus producing the desired cooling effect. The inverter air conditioners are manufactured in a way to save up to 30-50% of the electricity units as compared to the regular air conditioner. 

Dual Inverter Technology vs Inverter Technology

An inverter technology integrates a single rotor compressor, and it is more energy efficient if compared to non-inverter ACs. Whereas a dual inverter technology involves two motors, thus the energy and power load are divided into two. This results in faster cooling and more energy efficiency. 

How to Use the Heat Feature of an AC in Winter?

After acquiring all the benefits that an inverter ac brings along, we will see how you can use the heat feature of ac in winter and get benefited it at max.

  • You should set the temperature of your inverter ac around 18 to 22 degrees when you are using the heat mode of the ac in winter. 
  • Moreover, the speed of the fan should be kept between low to medium.

Get Your Hands on Best Inverter ACs 

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