Winters have arrived, and just like you have packed up all of your significant items cleaned and aside, your electronic devices need to be packed and cleaned too. To ensure that your outdoor unit and ac split have a long life, you have to wipe them carefully.

Do you want to clean the hectic split AC with effortless and quick tips? Then, keep hovering!

Gone are the scorching days of summer when summers were in full swing, and you had to keep your split ACs on all the time. 

Cleaning ac filters in the comfort of your home needs some worthy tricks, and for this, we are going to put forward some amazing schemes that can purify your air conditioning system like never before. 

Central ACs like air conditioning systems demand some professional to come over, examine the ac, check the ductwork, and ensure that it’s running effectively. But a portable window AC doesn’t need an expert, as you can clean and repair it easily without spending money on it. 

How Often Do You Have to Clean Split ACs?

Primarily there are two reasons to focus on while cleaning indoor AC. One is filters and the second one coils. It would go without saying that filters remove dirt from the air, and if they are clogged with dust, they burden the AC work harder and use more energy to cool your room. 

Besides these, coils assist the air filters of the split air conditioner to move the hot and cold air. That is why you have to clean them more often to make sure they are not clogged with dust. 

Steps To Clean the AC Outdoor Unit

Air conditioner cleaning needs to follow these steps under keen supervision. 

But First, Safety!

In the first step, you have to switch off your AC to proceed further. It is the first rule that to avoid any mishap while working with any electrical appliance, you need to make sure that it is switched off. 

For ac filter cleaning, unplugged the air conditioner and turned the power off.

Clutter the Fins

With the help of some brush-like instrument, you can vacuum the fins, and clean your AC’s outdoor units. As we know that fins are delicate and need to be handled carefully, that’s why you need to do this step attentively. Make sure that you clean the filters both horizontally and vertically until no dust particle is visible. This step is being done without any water splash which is why ensuring no debris in the first place would be a very good idea. 

Take Out the Fan by Unscrewing the Metal Sheet 

A screwdriver would come in handy for removing the top metal sheet of the outdoor unit. As you keep moving forward to clean the fins, you need to ensure that no electrical equipment is attached to them.

Taking out the fan by detaching it with a condenser would be difficult, as it is attached to it. You won’t be able to detach it fully, but checking the product’s manual would be helpful as every product has specific cleaning instructions.  

Rinse off and Let it Dry

When you have removed the fan, you can thus utilize the hose to spray the AC’s outdoor unit gently. Keep the direction inside out so that it is assured that dust particles are getting outwards. Thus, you can detach any debris particles attached to the fins with the help of your hand or a piece of cloth. 

You would keep following this step until you will observe no obvious dust on it. When you are done with this step, let it dry in fresh air or sun. 

Re-attach the Air Conditioner’s Parts 

Once you will see that you have cleaned the AC’s outdoor unit, then you are free to re-attach the parts of the split AC and pack them thoroughly. 

But make sure that everything is cleaned and secured when you packed the AC and its outdoor unit. 

Please note that if you still face any problems then don’t hesitate to call out some professional to handle the difficulty more adeptly. 

Now, let’s see what happens if you don’t double-check the AC maintenance and let it work continuously.

Significance of Maintaining the Air Conditioner’s Cleanse

As the compressor and the condenser of a split air conditioner are located outside and become the breeding spot of many birds in February and March, so it needs to be cleaned and packed properly to avoid any inconvenience when you use it next year.

If you won’t be able to clean the split ac, then you should not feel hesitate to look out for some AC coil cleaner or air conditioner cleaner from nearby. We all know that fins are responsible for dissipating the heat from the AC into the surrounding. Refrigerant absorbed the hotness of the environment and then channeled it to the outdoor unit whose main purpose is to release the hotness outside.  

But when your AC’s outdoor unit is loaded with dust and dirt and has not been cleaned by some AC cleaner, it can take a lot of time to release the heat outside. It not only affects the air conditioning maintenance but also affects the proper functioning of the AC. 

Thus, Clean Your Indoor ACs and their Outdoor Units!

Maintaining the air conditioner and keeping it clean are only the ways to prolong its life span. 

Furthermore, if you are in search of a new split AC for your home or office, feel free to contact our experts to know more about exclusive offers and deals.

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