Do you want to hunt an android LED TV built with innovative techs and mesmerizing features, or do you want to have a luxurious feel of lifelike visuals as they are just happening before you?

Whatever the case could be, Ecostar has got you covered. Besides promising a crystal clear picture and blockbuster audio experience, they also incorporate trendy screen sizes and stylish frameless designs.

Let your boredom and lazy days go with these LED TV’S as they are manufactured to open the universe of realistic color compositions, texture, depth, and symmetry. 

Now, the world of sports, binge-worthy TV shows, and your favorite podcasts are a click away. Ecostar has many affordable and desired products giving you huge freedom to choose from. 

Let’s explore the catchy specifications of the best led TVs in Pakistan, and see what would inspire you the most!

Compact Sized LED TV’S of 32 and 43 Inches

Do you want to hunt a smart TV that incorporates the latest features and comes with a cost-effective option too? Then, we have got you covered. 

This 32 inches HD LED TV has a frameless design to give you an experience of visually appealing movies, series, podcasts, and dramas without any hurdle. Moreover, the wall mount bracket and base stand offer you an opportunity to choose whatever you want.

The connectivity options are well-defined giving you the freedom to connect a USB and two HDMI ports. In addition to these, the sound quality of this LED TV is amazing, so you can have a pleasant time.

One of the very catchy features that you will not notice in any LED TV available in the market is the seamless display of the multimedia connection. This technology allows users to share HD files effortlessly. The price of this 32 inch LED TV in Pakistan is PKR 30,290.

Besides 32 inches LED TV, let us show you another inspiring product that you want to miss. This, 43 inches LED is best if you want to incorporate android TVs manufactured to give you leisure and innovation in one pack. 

The 4K ultra HD allows you to enjoy lifelike pictures and comes with better color composition, and texture. This latest android 11 licensed with Amazon Prime, Netflix, and YouTube would enable you to have thrilling movies, favorite podcasts, and binge-worthy TV shows. 

Experience the world of entertainment at the palm of your hand and kill the time more productively.

The price of this 43 inches Android LED TV in Pakistan is PKR 73,900.

Experience Smooth Visuals with 50 inches LED TV’S

If you are perplexed about the high LED TV price in Pakistan, then let us show you another surprising product that you surely won’t want to miss. 

This smart TV price in Pakistan is just PKR 89,900. You can enjoy the universe of multimedia with Google Assistant. And unlimited applications mean unlimited options. Whether you are a game lover or movie follower, or you don’t want to miss any of your shows, then this LED TV has everything to provide you with the best.

This 50-inch LED price in Pakistan is very affordable so you can have luxury and affordability in one place. Upgrade your home with the newest technology, and experience an adrenaline rush!

Make Your Lounge Royal with 55 Inch LED TV’S

This 55-inch LED TV is the best android LED TV in Pakistan, not only because it comes with flawless connectivity possibilities, but also because the frameless design would give you the experience of the visuals like they are happening just before you. 

The chrome-cast built-in function enables you to enjoy every move and depth of every motion. To give you picture-perfect and enhanced image quality, this android LED TV has a horizontal screen display and an image resolution of 4000 pixels.

With one touch, remote, and voice search, unlock the world of entertainment from the comfort of your couch. The inbuilt Quadcore processor enables you to provide a smooth gaming experience too. 

The price of this 55 inches LED TV in Pakistan is PKR 102,900, so get yours before it’s too late.

Why Should You Go For Ecostar’s LED TV’S at First Place?

Ecostar’s LED TV is not only processed to give you a luxurious feel but also promises to bring comfort to your home. One of the distinct features that make us a leading platform is the affordability factor of TV prices in Pakistan.

So, whether you are on a search for a 32-inch LED TV, 43-inch LED TV, 50, or 55 inch LED TV, we have got you covered in every regard. Ecostar knows very well how to provide high-quality products made with contemporary specifications in cost-effective options.

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