Gree Best Selling Inverter AC of 2022

The Best Inverter AC

It is a blessing of Allah that humans can use their intellectual ability to produce such good devices which makes their life easy, comfortable, and beautiful. These devices include electronic appliances which people use to perform daily basis work with ease and efficacy. Some of these appliances work to give people comfort such as air conditioners. Well, with the passage of time and improvements in people’s lifestyles the inverter technology AC is taking conventional AC place. There are many reasons for this, for instance, inverter AC price and cost-effectiveness in comparison to conventional AC.

At present, Gree is growing as the world’s best inverter AC manufacturer. Gree AC and inverter AC have become synonymous. The best thing about it is Gree AC’s price is much less in comparison to other brands in Pakistan. Gree inverter AC price is not an issue anymore for our customers. DWP Home supports its customers in every possible way.

Gree air conditioner

Inverter air conditioner works by adjusting the activity of the compressor according to the flow rate of refrigerant gas. So, the process consumes less energy in comparison to the conventional AC. Gree inverter AC has further the best technology and design which support maximum output at expense of as minimum power consumption as possible. So, DWP Home has the best inverter AC to present to you.

Gree air conditioner works through smart inverter features which save electricity up to 60%. It reaches a comfortable temperature rapidly. Moreover, adjust the accelerator which is more energy saving. Additionally, after reaching the comfortable temperature and keep it to a comfortable level. 

As a Gree inverter, air conditioner has a powerful compressor so it can work with incredible power to do cooling quickly in severe climates. In addition to this, Gree aims to provide you with a cleaner and healthier environment due to the presence of multiple-function health filters.

2-ton inverter AC

Gree by DWP Home presents 2 ton inverter AC in an elegant white finish and curved elegant design to enhance the aesthetic beauty of your house. Moreover, the fairy inverter series have other elegant champagne finishes. It works equally well in comparison to its look. The 2-ton AC price covers the features of power factor correction up to 99% with energy-saving efficiency up to 60%. Gree AC price is not an issue for our customers. DWP Home offers the most affordable prices in comparison to other brands. A cold plasma generator destroys up to 90% of bacteria and germs to keep your surroundings healthy and clean.

1.5-ton inverter AC

Gree AC 1.5 is an ideal air conditioner for medium-area rooms and apartments. Powerful air throws in four dimensions aid faster cooling and heating from ceiling and floor. DWP Home not just gives your room a fresh atmosphere but also strives to make this planet’s atmosphere healthy. Therefore, Gree inverter AC gives zero damage to ozone because the refrigerant gas is eco-friendly. For optimum comfort, temperature control is stable and precise. Moreover, there is a metal casing on the electric box to prevent fire in case of any mishap or short circuit. A 1.5 ton inverter AC is available in the fairy and pular series.

1-ton inverter AC

Lastly, DWP Home presents 1-ton inverter AC in both the fairy and pular series. The reason behind effective and quick cooling is Gree’s transparent axial fan which is resistant to high temperatures and operates quietly. Gree air conditioner has a durable evaporator which enhances heat exchange greatly. The best thing about the European standard inverter technology of this inverter air conditioner is the ability for self-diagnosis. It means it shows an error code automatically to facilitate maintenance when it does not work well. Gree 1 ton inverter AC works best even in unstable power supply areas which means it can operate from 150V to 260V with efficiency. 1-ton AC price by DWP Home is less in comparison to other brands and it is providing the best quality air conditioner at fewer prices.


DWP Home is presenting the world’s best inverter air conditioners via Gree. Gree air conditioners work well even in super severe climate conditions. Whether it is summer or winter, the cooling, and heating system of the inverter air conditioners works non-stop. It can perform well with low startup voltage and running voltage. It does not matter which tonnage of inverter air conditioners you select, all the items work on the latest G-10 inverter technology. The purchase decision depends on your budget and family requirements. However, if you do little research about the market performance of inverter AC, it will save you a lot. DWP Home stands behind the outstanding market performance of its air conditioners and presents its customers with excellent sales and repair services.

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