Do you want to incorporate washing machines built with the latest technology that doesn’t only provide an easy washing process, but also brings luxury into your home?

Then, Ecostar’s washing machines have got you covered. We have sleek-designed automatic machines having a bigger capacity and stable operational process. As they are built with a powerful motor and elegant design which is why they are already getting the attention of many out there.

Getting your hands on these washing machines would be the best decision that you will ever make as the best washing machine price in Pakistan are not budget-friendly, but Ecostar knows how to provide premium quality products at affordable prices.

So, without any further delay, let’s explore the latest specifications of washing machines and the benefits they hold!

Top Load Washing Machines at Affordable Prices

If you are looking for a fully automatic washing machine that assists you to wash clothes within no time, then look for none other than this washing machine.

As this has a digital touch panel that enables you to control it on your own and set the timing too. And not only this, its transparent tempered glass cover speaks for its elegance on its own. 

Moreover, you can also auto-start it with the help of power failure memory backup. It is a very unique feature that you won’t find anywhere else in the market. The ten levels of water capacity are such a big space to put your clothes to clean them out in one take. 

In addition to these attractive specs, let us surprise you with another innovative technology that is magic drum technology which doesn’t only wash the clothes with keen care but also keeps them soft and new.

So, if you are in a search of the best automatic washing machine in the market, then without having second thoughts add this product to your cart. The price of this washing machine in Pakistan is RS 56,900.

best washing machine

Real One Touch Wash to Ease the Washing Process 

Besides the amazing product that we mentioned above, let us put forward another surprising automatic washing machine, and let’s see how this can make a difference in your life!

Comes with fuzzy logic technology that decides the exact program and washing time on its own, this also has a digital touch panel so that you can control the panel with a single touch.

Eight washing programs including gentle cleaning, soaking, heavy wash, air drying, speedy wash, and other impressing programs would enable you to choose them as you need. Its strong metal body and strong stainless inner tub made for steel speak to its powerful and long-lasting life. 

And not only these, but it has also come up with the power failure memory, which means it will restart from the same function it was working on before the power breakdown. To avoid rigidness, this washing machine has a soft closing lid that shuts down slowly.

The price of this best automatic washing machine in Pakistan is RS 59,900. 

Sleek Designed Washing Machines with Dryers 

Now, let’s come to the utmost confusion of buying a washing machine with a dryer. We all know that washing machines with dryer prices in Pakistan are not budget-friendly, but Ecostar got an inspiring product for you!

You will enjoy washing clothes as this machine has a spin dryer. Now you don’t have to be dependent on the weather to dry your clothes. Offering tons of help, this washing machine in Pakistan has a spin time of 15 minutes. The three types of drying types (gentle, normal, and drain) would not only make your clothes dry within no time, but also ensure they look new. 

To make sure that you have a safe washing experience, this machine has safety features such as automatic power off and a closed rat-proof. Also, it got an alarm buzzer that notifies the user that the washing process has been completed. After this, you just have to add your wet and washed clothes into the spin dryer and it will do all the rest magic! 

This automatic washing machine price in Pakistan 2022 is RS 19,500. So, if you want to purchase a washing machine with a dryer, add this to your cart right now!

best spin dryer


Let’s Explore Twin Tubs Having Large Capacity

In addition to the above products, if you are into semi-automatic washing machines, then let us introduce the twin tub series of Ecostar. The new washing machine price is very economical. 

The effective motor for washing and the effective motor for spinning will assist you in the best ways to enjoy the laundry. This washing machine comes with a capacity of 10 kg, and a spin capacity of 7 kg, so you will wash and spin together.

This twin-tub washing machine comes with an elegant tempered glass cover and an opaque glass lid, offering help and luxury in one pack! Its strong glass body and anti-rust specifications made it the best washing machine in Pakistan.

The price of this washing machine is RS 29,900.

twin tube washing machine


Get Your Hands on Best Washing Machines from DWP

Whether you want to buy an automatic washing machine or look to incorporate a spin dryer too, Ecostar knows your preferences and wants to provide you with the best washing machine in Pakistan! 

Make your laundry experience an absolute enjoyment by getting the services of DWP now! 


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