Ecostar Top Reviewed Android Led Tv of 2022

EcoStar 65″ Android LED TV (Ultra High Definition) UHD is the Best Android LED for a Truly Cinematic Experience

EcoStar offers the viewing experience of a lifetime with its 65 inch TV. Its 4K resolution will provide you with an unforgettable cinematic experience. The frameless design makes the experience even more incredible. The EcoStar smart TV is equipped with a 1.5 GHz processor and a 2 GB ram. It has a built-in bluetooth enabling you to transfer files conveniently to the inbuilt drive of the smart TV. Connect it to the internet and watch your favorite TV shows on Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Youtube. Connect it to your gaming console for enjoying a gaming experience like no other.

65 inch tvAn incredible feature is that of voice command, enabling you to operate your smart TV merely through your voice. The built-in Google play store allows you to install your favorite applications with just one click. Combine these excellent quality features with a DTS True Surround sound system and you have the perfect recipe for a theatrical performance. EcoStar 65 inch smart TV price in Pakistan is Rs.165,000. Compared to the android LED TV price in Pakistan of other brands with similar or fewer features, EcoStar is offering an incredible entertainment package at an affordable price. For the best LED TV price in Karachi and elsewhere in Pakistan, get in touch with DWP Home.

EcoStar 55″ Android LED TV (Ultra High Definition) UHD is Selling like Hotcakes because of its Realistic Graphics 

One of DWP’s highest-selling products is the EcoStar 55 inch LED. This Ultra High Definition unit is simply perfect with its 4K Graphic quality that provides a display resolution of 3840*2160. Its high performance is supported by a 1.5 GHz CPU and a RAM of 2.25 GB. It comes with licensed streaming through Netflix, Youtube, and Amazon Prime. Your gaming experience will feel extremely real with the immersive experience this android TV has to offer. Use the Google App store to install applications or transfer files using Bluetooth.

32 inch led tv

Operate the LED Tv through smart connectivity or using the remote control. You can even issue voice commands. The LED TV price of this unit is Rs. 105,000 which is a highly lucrative offer considering the features EcoStar is offering. The 55 inch LED TV price in Pakistan of other brands is much higher than EcoStar. DWP home is offering this LED TV for sale in Lahore and elsewhere in Pakistan at a reasonable price.

One of DWP Home’s Star Performers is the EcoStar 50 inch Android LED TV (Ultra High Definition) UHD

This 50 inch LED 4K Ultra HD TV by EcoStar is operated by a powerful android processor,8 GB ROM, and 2 GB RAM. High resolution and outstanding graphics allow you to have an exceptional gaming and viewing experience. DTS TruSurround Sound system offers an outstanding audio experience when you are watching your favorite movie or playing your favorite video game.

50 inch led


The built-in Bluetooth lets you transfer files to the TV’s internal storage space. You can enjoy streaming apps like Netflix, Amazon, and Youtube. Install any app from the built-in Google App store or use google assistant for voice commands. EcoStar 50 inch LED price in Pakistan by DWP Home is Rs.84,900. Whether you are looking for a LED TV for sale in Islamabad or Lahore, get in touch with us for the best EcoStar products.

DWP Home offers the Compact, but High-performance EcoStar 40″ Android UHD TV which is Best for Your Bedroom

Don’t let the 40 inch LED size of this compact machine mislead you. Immense power is packed inside this android Ultra High Definition TV. Just like the bigger versions, you can enjoy watching movies and TV series on Amazon Prime, Netflix, and Youtube. Google Assistant and Google Play store are also available. Smart connectivity permits you to use your cell phone as a remote control and even cast videos.

65 inch tv

Bluetooth lets you exchange files in an instant. Enjoy a resolution of 1920 x 1080 while watching movies or playing games. EcoStar 40 inch LED price in Pakistan is Rs.55,900. Check out DWP Home’s website for ordering this LED for sale in Rawalpindi and all of Pakistan.

EcoStar 32″ Sound Pro LED TV is the Most Affordable and Compact Smart TV 

This 32 inch LED TV has a frameless design that offers a high-quality visual experience to its viewers. Armed with a strong android processor and offering high-definition graphics, this smart TV is ideal for watching movies and playing games. You can watch videos on Netflix, or watch your favorite show on Amazon Prime and Youtube. The sound performance is equally good. EcoStar 32 inch LED TV price in Pakistan is Rs.41,900 and is being offered by DWP across Pakistan.

32 inch led tv

DWP has the Best Selection of EcoStar’s Top-performing Ultra High Definition LED Smart TVs in all Sizes

We at DWP Home have selected the best EcoStar LED smart TVs for our customers. These are available in all sizes and have incredible features like Ultra High definition resolutions of 4K, Tru Surround sound experience, smart connectivity, and powerful processors. Many units have a frameless design that adds to your viewing experience. Voice command lets you operate your smart TV without a remote control. You can use your cell phone to operate the smart TV through smart connectivity. 

Regardless of the sizes, all units have built-in bluetooth, Google Play Store, and Google Assistant. You can watch premium quality video applications such as Amazon Prime, Youtube, and Netflix. A large size RAM allows you to enjoy the latest video games. The units offer you a viewing experience like no other, and that too at a very affordable price compared to the market prices of same size LEDs offered by other brands. Durability, reliability, long-life, and after-sale services make EcoStar a primary choice for DWP Home and its customers. Contact us today for purchasing the best EcoStar LED smart TV for your home.

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