EcoStar Small Appliances of 2022

The best home appliances of 2022

In this era of new technology and fast routines, a house is incomplete without a proper set of home appliances. These home appliances include a juicer machine, electric kettle, sandwich maker, refrigerator, and many more. DWP home is bringing the best electronic appliances to complete the modern look of your house. Most of the home appliances are actually kitchen appliances. No one wants to go through the ordeal of working in the kitchen without the appropriate set of kitchen appliances. Not just the performance is premium, but the overall look and display of these home appliances are heart-stealing and eye-catching. We know that you want your home to appear beautiful and neat. So, EcoStar has done well in presenting the best home appliances by all means.

DWP Home has been serving the nation for more than thirty years. It is one of the world’s top manufacturers of electronic appliances. The quality and durability of products and parts are evident from the huge experience of service. So, EcoStar by DWP Home holds an excellent market reputation and is keeping on improving its services and standards for the benefit of customers.

Multiple function juice machine by EcoStar

In the list of small appliances, we have a juice machine on the top for you. The best thing about this juicer blender is that it is light in weight and has detachable parts. It means you may easily carry it from one place to another. Moreover, it is easy to clean as well. There is a separate brush to clean the filter. This portable juicer is kind of a gift from EcoStar because in this hot season you need to stay hydrated for good health. The fresh juice from fruits with the perfection of your hands will give you a fresh feeling and a sense of liveliness.

The portable juicer blender serves the function of blending the substance with perfection which is not possible by any other means. Its motor is heavy duty which is the reason for its best performance. These are available in glass and plastic jugs. So that you may choose as per your convenience and choice. EcoStar is offering the best juicer machine at fewer prices in comparison to other companies.

The best juicer machine of 2022

Like other small home appliances, DWP Home has special offers regarding juicer machine prices. The best juicer blender is available at lesser prices in comparison to other brands of electronic appliances. Fewer prices do not mean that there is any kind of compromise on the quality and performance of electronic appliances. EcoStar holds a good name and is famous for its best juicer machine. There are multiple factors that make it the best. For instance, the heating-up protection feature ensures the durability and longevity of the juicer machine. Moreover, the number of additional accessories enhances its value in front of customers. There is huge positive feedback from customers regarding juicer machine price and bear outstanding performance in the market.

EcoStar’s electric tea kettle

We have something for everyone. DWP home is favoring tea lovers of Pakistan by presenting the lowest electric kettle price in comparison to other brands. EcoStar has an electric kettle with superb features so that you may get a different experience of enjoying tea time with your family and friends. Moreover, it is easy to handle and quicker in performance so that you do not have to worry when you see some unexpected guests at any time. There is an alarm set for heating up and boiling water. The rubber handle allows you to touch it with ease and safety. Moreover, it is effective in time and money saving because it has premium technology that prevents overheating. It is no doubt the best electric tea kettle for you and your family.

The best sandwich maker by EcoStar

We have a wonderful gift for those people who have super busy schedules and lifestyles. Because in this case, you do not get enough time for hourly cooking and the need to eat is inevitable. So, EcoStar presents the best sandwich maker for you to get your breakfast sandwiches ready in no time. It works with an efficiency that will not make you stick to it and wait for heating up and then cooking and so on. This sandwich machine has premium features of lights that tell you about heating up status and ready-to-cook status as well. Moreover, there is a capacity of two sandwiches to be cooked in the sandwich maker. So, it is definitely time-saving and the plus point is sandwiches are delicious as well. Stainless steel inner coats cook the perfect sandwich for you and your family.

In addition to this, it is easy to use because it has rubber feet which make it stick to the surface of your kitchen shelf, making your working spill-free and neat. So, what is the fun of waiting; just purchase the best sandwich maker from the best brand.


It is now kind of necessary to purchase small home appliances to carry out daily home tasks smoothly and within lesser time. It means you have to buy them at any cost. If you buy cheap products in order to save a penny or two, it will perform the function for little time. Afterward, you will have to repurchase it. So, why not purchase from some authentic electronic appliance manufacturer? It will save your time and money as well. DWP Home is offering the best electronic appliances for modern homes through EcoStar. Moreover, EcoStar stands behind premium quality and guarantees the performance of its small home appliances. 

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