EcoStar is launching a new android 11 LED TV buy now!

EcoStar’s android 11 LED TV

With time, both the awareness among people and the advancement in technology are increasing. So, DWP Home is also up to date with its all electronic appliances especially the android LED TV having the latest technology in all respects. EcoStar is presenting the world with the best android LED TV with all dope specifications. 4k resolution of video, image refinery engine for natural view, the latest audio and video engines, improved outer design, and much more.

DWP Home is offering android 11 LED TV for fewer LED TV prices than the market of other brands. It is now becoming famous that DWP Home is fair concerning offering LED TV prices in Pakistan. EcoStar at DWP Home aims to further minimize the worry of smart TV prices in Pakistan for the nation and the people of Pakistan. One such example is the EcoStar LED 32-inch price in Pakistan which is the lowest in comparison to all the other android LED TVs.

65-inch and 55-inch LED TV

DWP Home holds the power of turning your home into your mini cinema through its marvelous Android LED TV. The bigger screen size LED TVs include 65-inch LED TVs and 55-inch LED TVs. These are superb in quality for both hardware and software at the same time. UHD display with 4k resolution which is also pushed by the refinery engines for both audio and video quality. This becomes an outstanding combination for giving the best natural view for your eyes. There is a long list of outstanding specifications which will open your eyes due to amazement. In short, EcoStar has not left any small point to take it to perfection. It is easy to manage and use. All video apps are preinstalled. Built-in chrome cast is there for you to view your favorite media on a bigger screen. It may become the best game partner with its latest processor power.

Well, for the customers of EcoStar, there is no need to worry about smart LED TV prices in Pakistan. DWP Home stands behind the fair price policy for its products.

43-inch LED TV

EcoStar has a wide range of android LED TVs. These android LED TVs have the latest version of the operating system and are premium quality home appliances. For 43-inch LED TVs, EcoStar is recording the best response due to its increasing popularity among customers. The reason for this is the dashing look of the bezel and frameless design and high video graphics. 4k resolution and high-quality image engines and other quality controlling engines simultaneously work to give you a jaw-dropping experience of screen time. It makes you forget the rest of the smart TVs and the world as well. Although the LED 43-inch price in Pakistan is increasing on many brands, EcoStar is following its convention to provide you more benefits at fewer prices. DWP Home is offering the lowest 43-inch LED TV price in Pakistan in comparison to other brands.

40-inch LED TV

If you think of buying LED TV it must look bigger but it must be easier to purchase in comparison to bigger LED TV. A 40-inch LED TV is for you. We are launching the latest version of android LED TV at the revised 40-inch LED price in Pakistan. EcoStar is always fair regarding pricing electronic appliances. The 40-inch smart TV is all UHD with a classy appearance which will add attraction to your already beautiful house. For these reasons, this android LED TV is the favorite of most customers. We are soon going to put discount offers on the sale of android LED TV. To keep up with new updates, visit the daily DWP Home official webpage so that you do not miss the good opportunities.

32-inch LED TV

The most ordered EcoStar android LED TV is a 32-inch LED TV. With HD resolution and frameless design, a breathtaking perception of limitless vision gives you a real cinema feeling in your small room. The digital noise reduction and super video quality enhance the experience further. This 32-inch LED TV is a world of unlimited possibilities. There is ease for you as many licensed apps are already there for you. For instance, YouTube, Netflix, amazon prime video, and many more. As far as price is a subject of concern, EcoStar LED 32-inch price in Pakistan is only about PKR 29,000. The price is subject to change.


DWP Home is introducing a new android LED TV version 11. This is under the brand name of EcoStar. The range includes variants of two types; narrow bezel and simple LED TV. These are available at amazing discount sale offers. In addition, the prices are also fair. Some of our variants are more popular among customers than others. For instance, 65-inch LED TVs, 43-inch LED TVs, 40-inch LED TVs, and 32-inch LED TVs. These are frequently put on sale offers so that many customers avail the opportunity to buy their favorite LED TVs. Moreover, the reputation of these LED TV variants is good because of marvelous before and after-sales services.

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