Ecostar Best LED TV in Pakistan

We, at DWP Home, are engaged in providing Pakistani consumers the best appliances in the market at affordable rates. Our current product lines include appliances by Gree and EcoStar. Both have exhibited exceptional performance in the Pakistani appliance market. LED TVs by EcoStar are offering tough competition to the best-LED brands in the country and therefore significantly influencing the trend of smart TV price in Pakistan. The brands have introduced world-class features like high resolutions, Ultra High Definition, powerful CPUs, smart connectivity, licensed access to international video streaming applications such as Amazon Prime, Netflix, and YouTube. Let us look below at the best-LED Tvs by EcoStar in different screen sizes.

The 65-inch EcoStar LED TV with Ultra High Definition is the Best-LED TV in the 65-inch Category

4K resolution, 65-inch screen size, ultra high definition, and frameless design are just some of the visual features of this exceptional EcoStar smart TV. The CPU (Central Processing Unit) of this behemoth has a speed of 1.5 GHz. A powerful ram with a size of 2GB has been installed to ensure the uninterrupted operation of android applications. Connectivity features include USB ports, built-in bluetooth, and smart connectivity features. The last one allows you to connect your cell phone with the LED TV, control it, cast videos from your cell phone to the LED TV, and transfer files.

65 inch tv

Connect the LED TV to your wi-fi and browse the internet or watch your favourite TV serials/movies on Amazon Prime, Netflix, or YouTube. All these three services are built-in and licensed for EcoStar. The ultimate graphic experience this LED TV offers makes it a prime choice for gaming professionals.  All you have to do is connect your gaming console and play your favourite game. Google Play Store gives you the opportunity to install the best Google applications.  You can also control the LED by issuing voice commands, a feature that makes this LED exceptional. The audio experience is no less than the video experience as this LED is equipped with DTS TruSurround sound technology. This 65 inch TV could be yours for just Rs. 165,000 which is way more affordable compared to android LED TV price in Pakistan for other brands.

EcoStar 55 Inch LED TV with Ultra High Definition and 4K Resolution is Ruling the LED TV Market in Pakistan

The Ecostar 55 inch LED TV has exceptional audio and video features. Armed with the latest and one of the fastest processors with a speed of 1.5 GHz and complemented with a 2.25 GB ram, 8 GB ROM, and the latest android software. It offers resolutions of 3840*2160, making your viewing experience a truly theatrical one. Watch high-definition movies and play heavy graphic video games without interruption on this android LED TV.

50 inch led

Enjoy licensed services such as Amazon Prime, YouTube, and Netflix with just one touch. Operate your LED TV with your cell phone or the remote control. Transfer files using bluetooth or USBs. The LED TV has its own built-in Google Play Store and Google Assistant. DWP Home is providing you with the best LED TV in Pakistan for just Rs. 105,000 which is a handsome bargain when compared to LED TV price of other brands with the same features.

The EcoStar 50 inch LED TV is a Perfect Combination of Visual Performance and Sound Power

What do you get when you combine 1.5 GHz processing power with 4k Ultra High definition and DTS TruSurround sound? A 50-inch EcoStar Android LED TV. Offering high display resolution and an unmatched pixel quality, this LED TV has a ram of 2GB and a ROM of 8 GB. You can install android applications from Google Play Store, exchange and store files on its internal drive, and cast videos from your smartphone to this smart TV.

32 inch led tv

EcoStar is offering licensed services of streaming applications like Amazon Prime, YouTube, and Netflix, allowing you to watch your favorite TV shows and movies. The 50 inch LED price in Pakistan has been witnessing growth because of its high demand whereas EcoStar’s smart LED TV price in Pakistan is Rs. 84,900 which is a very competitive offer.

The 40″ LED TV Wonder by EcoStar Offers an Out-Of-This-World Viewing Experience at an Affordable LED Price in Pakistan.

65 inch tv

EcoStar 40 inch LED TV offers resolutions of 1920 x 1080 to give you an unforgettable and immersive viewing experience. Whether you are watching a movie or playing your favorite game, this LED is going to keep you hooked for a long period of time. DWP is providing you this wonder only for a price of Rs. 55,900 which is a good bargain when you consider the trend of 40 inch LED price in Pakistan. Other features include free viewing of YouTube, Amazon Prime, and Netflix.

The 32 inch EcoStar Frameless LED TV is Light on Your Pocket, But Heavy When it Comes to Graphics.

EcoStar 32 inch LED TV will give you an incredible graphic experience. Its frameless design adds to this viewing experience. The 32 inch LED TV price in Pakistan for this EcoStar LED is Rs. 41,900. For this price, you will get a lot more than just a smart TV. You can watch Netflix, you can check out Amazon Prime, or you can browse through YouTube. DWP Home is offering this LED at the best LED TV price in Pakistan.

32 inch led tv

DWP Offers the Best EcoStar LEDs in All Sizes and at the Most Affordable Prices 

We offers you the best EcoStar LEDs which have been selected after great deliberation. Our selection of the best is based on positive reviews, durability, useful life, performance, and affordability. EcoStar is offering unmatched smart TV features at highly competitive pricing for consumers across Pakistan and we have teamed up with them to deliver the best LEDs to your doorstep. Apart from the above features, the customer service, after-sales service, and the repair/replacement policy of EcoStar makes them one of the best-LED brands in Pakistan. Get in touch with DWP for acquiring the best EcoStar LED TVs.

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