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The present situation of the electricity billing budget has shocked almost everyone in Pakistan. It is now important for people to go for inverter devices such as inverter air conditioners. Most people are already opting for inverter AC due to one or more reasons. However, a majority is shifting to use inverter air conditioners due to power costs. Well, not just inverter air conditioners are helpful in the current situation but one has to keep in mind another thing. The thing which matters more is the place of purchase of such electronic devices. Not all companies are manufacturing premium quality electronics. Best Inverter AC may only be purchased from the best manufacturers.

inverter air conditioners

One of the best manufacturers of the inverter air conditioner is EcoStar at DWP Home. EcoStar air conditioner performs two in one functions. It provides cooling when the temperature of surroundings is high whereas it can also work as a heater when the temperature is low. Dual function performance with power efficiency as well. It means when the desired temperature is reached it turns to power-saving mode. So, EcoStar inverter AC is the best inverter AC with more features as well. This inverter AC is famous for its durability and performance among its customers.

EcoStar Inverter AC

The best inverter AC is named so because of reason. The reason behind this is the equipment of smart features. Moreover, it claims to be the best due to affordability and efficacy. Let’s have a look at features that make EcoStar inverter AC the best inverter AC. EcoStar inverter AC bears multi-health filters, air and water purification system, Wi-Fi facility and is easy to fit. It has a 1 Hz standby frequency and start-up voltage is low. In addition to this, it has a capacity of 4D air throw up to a longer distance. It has the best design to work quietly to decrease disturbance due to noise.

The introduction of these features is to provide its customer with not anything less than best. Furthermore, EcoStar prioritizes cost-effectiveness for its customers. After getting the know-how of the product, a question arises about inverter AC price. So, the EcoStar inverter AC price range is from Rs. 94,900 To Rs. 142,900.

2-ton Inverter AC

The final statement of product purchase depends on its overall quality with several features and reputation in the relevant market. The 2-ton inverter AC by EcoStar at DWP Home has premium quality and high market value. EcoStar is offering three variants in this category. Crown series, Argus series and G-smart Wi-Fi series. All three variants possess the same features. 2-ton inverter AC is capable of throwing air in 4D up to 40 feet reaching all the corners of your room. For this function, it uses only 140 V low voltage. It is equipped with a backlit remote control which enables the user to operate it easily. Multi-health filters such as vitamin C, carbon filter, anti-formaldehyde, other allergens and bad odor provide the user with fresh surroundings for breathing.

inverter air conditioners

The 2 ton AC price for the crown and Argus series is Rs. 139,000 whereas for the G-smart series, it is 142,000 PKR. A little difference in EcoStar inverter AC price is due to the extra smart features in the G-smart series.

1.5-ton Inverter AC

inverter air conditioners

Next in the range of EcoStar inverter AC is EcoStar AC 1.5 ton. It has four variants namely crown series, Argus series, G-smart series and primo series. 1.5-ton inverter AC is manufactured using the latest ES 7 inverter technology. It has a bigger 1-meter in-door and out-door which contribute to a higher strength than any other. Start-up voltage for running is as low as 130 V. Stand by is 0.5 w. It has air throw up to 66 feet with a quick heating and cooling system. The 1.5-ton inverter AC got a brain from AI technology to prevent multiple hazards such as short circuits, fire, moisture, insects, rodents, allergens and damping with intelligence. In addition to all these features, it saves electricity up to 60% in all modes. G-smart AC 1.5 ton price is Rs. 101,500. Whereas the other three variants of 1.5-ton inverter AC are available for 94,900 PKR.

1-ton inverter AC

inverter air conditionersEcoStar 1-ton inverter AC is available at GWP Home. It is offering four variants of 1-ton inverter AC. Specifications and features of 1-ton inverter AC include wifi-enabled, intelligent approach towards rodents and other life threats, low running voltage, 4D air throw up to 50 feet, and much more. Its evaporator is capable of self-cleaning and it has an environment protecting coating. 1 ton AC price for crown, primo and Argus series is 77,900 PKR whereas 1 ton AC price for G-smart series is 81,500 PKR only.


Well, it does not matter which of the inverter AC you purchase as all have the same ES 7 inverter technology. However, this selection depends on your feasibility for purchase and the size of the place for which you are going to purchase an air conditioner. Mostly, 1-ton inverter AC is for small rooms and 1.5-ton inverter AC is enough for medium area rooms. Whereas for a large room the capacity of 2-ton inverter AC is preferable. All the products are available by EcoStar at GWP Home. The team of EcoStar guarantees about performance, durability and long-lasting life of these inverter ACs. Moreover, they have the best after-sales, repair and replacement services. However, the life of products also depends on your handling and selection of service personnel. Make the right choice of product, room size and service person to get the best results.

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