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Modern lifestyle requires certain kinds of electronic appliances as facilities to carry on daily life chores with ease and comfort. Major types of these appliances include home appliances that assist in small domestic tasks. Without these home appliances, it is an ordeal for everyone to perform domestic chores. Some of the home appliances include air conditioners, electric kettles, heaters, juicer machines, iron, LED TVs, washing machines, water dispensers, and many more.

The most important home appliances are kitchen appliances because, in the kitchen, the tasks are performed with perfection and in time. Moreover, a proper set of kitchen appliances is essential to complete a modern house. So, it is the need of time to get your home up to date with awesome home appliances.

DWP home is offering the best home appliances of 2022 through EcoStar. It is an opportunity for you to grab and furnish your house with the best quality home appliances of all time. Moreover, these are available at affordable prices in comparison to other brands.

Juicer machine by DWP Home

DWP Home is here with a present of summer for you and all customers. We are offering 3 in 1 juicer blender grinder and 2 in 1 juicer blender for you to enjoy evening time with fresh fruit juices. The juicer machine is useful when you receive unexpected guests. To save time and resources, the fresh and healthy juice is ready for you and your friends.

EcoStar aims to keep you in good health conditions and shape. Moreover, the portable juicer can be taken from one place to another in no time with zero effort. You may work effectively with this awesome portable juicer blender. Whether you want to quench your thirst with fresh juice or some spices that need to be mixed for healthy cooking, a portable juicer blender is perfect for this. It is easy to clean as well due to detachable parts and cleaning brushes. The heavy-duty motor works so that you do not need to work and save your energy and time.

Juicer machine price by DWP Home

The best juicer machine is here with two speeds and pulse function. A high-quality glass jar keeps the operations smooth and the grinder has a stainless steel spinner. For the juicer machine, the pusher is made of plastic which squeezes the juice from every particle. In addition to this, the juicer machine price by DWP Home is quite less in comparison to other brands. Juicer blender serves the best function for mixing the relevant substances in no time for effective cooking and working in the kitchen. The best juicer blender is available with dope features at DWP Home by EcoStar at a reasonable price. Place an order via an online webpage and get amazing offers for different appliances.

Electric tea kettle

Pakistanis are great tea lovers. To facilitate you in this fondness, DWP Home offers you its best electric tea kettle. There are two versions of the kettle by EcoStar at a very appropriate electric kettle price. One is made up of plastic and another one is made up of steel. Both serve the best, so anyone may be purchased. The design of the electric kettle is to facilitate you the most. It has 360-degree rotation so that whether you are right-handed or lefty, you can easily work with it. Moreover, it has a wide mouth for easy cleaning and it automatically turns off when water boils to save any power or appliance loss.

Boil dry protection and adjustable temperature features make it worth buying. In addition to this, a detachable non slip base allows you to work with efficiency. 1.7 L capacity for water is ideal to serve multiple people at a time to save you from wastage of time. It is valuable when you are already late in the morning and haste to get to your office or college or you need to hurry to make your kid get to school in time. This appliance is one of the must-have devices in any home for effective working.

EcoStar the best sandwich maker

No matter which stage of your life is; life is so fast these days. In this scenario, everyone wants to have instant everything. DWP Home appliances has a solution for every problem. We present you an EcoStar sandwich maker with two slice sandwich toasters as a companion for your busy routine. Moreover, this sandwich machine has heated up and ready-to-cook indicator lights to save you time. To save you from burns, there is a cool-touch handle. Furthermore, it is easy to clean because of the nonstick coating. It works efficiently at low electronic power to maintain your thriftiness. The best sandwich maker has a black color that looks elegant and it is no doubt a classy addition to your kitchen.


For a busy life schedule, electronic appliances help a great deal and save a lot of time and energy. You may only expect an effective performance when the home appliances are of premium quality.

DWP Home applianceshas been serving for more than three decades and is presenting its customers with premium quality home appliances. If you need to buy these essential home appliances for ease and comfort; buy from us because it is cost-effective for you. If you buy a cheap item and it does not perform well and you need to replace it with the same amount of money. We are here to save you from this kind of a waste of money. Moreover, DWP Home aims to give you a level of satisfaction by offering outstanding after-sales services and repair services. So, research the market repute of our products and come to us for the betterment of your house and family.

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