Best Split Ac of 2022 to Pick the Right One

Check Out DWP Home’s Best Split Ac of 2022 to Pick the Right One

DWP Home strives to provide durable & premium quality home appliances to its customers. One such essential appliance is the split air conditioner which has enjoyed widespread acceptance in Pakistan due to features like cost-saving, dual functions of heating & cooling, ease of installation/re-installation, and durability. The split AC has evolved into smart inverter AC because of considerable innovation. The most significant contribution to this market segment was made by Gree, so much so that Gree has become a generic name for Inverter ACs. Gree inverter ACs have made inroads not just to residential properties, but also businesses, offices, and other commercial properties. 

DWP home offers a wide variety of Gree Inverter ACs with different features and different prices. This wide range of ACs is priced according to everyone’s pocket so that you can control air temperature not just in summers, but also in winters. 

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EcoStar has been no different than Gree. Despite being a late entrant into the Inverter AC market, the brand has exhibited exceptional performance. The primary reason is its affordability; it is priced for lower to medium market segments without compromising on quality & durability.

2.0 Ton Inverter AC – The Answer to All Your Troubles

If you are looking for a large-size air conditioner possessing a long life and that can conveniently change the room temperature without using excess energy, then the Gree 2 Ton Inverter AC is the answer to all your troubles. It is available in different variants having useful features. The split AC price for this category varies from Rs.113,000 to Rs.150,000 depending on which variant you choose. This powerful machine is sufficient to cool/heat a large size room with an area of 2251 ft3 -3350 ft3. 2 ton inverter ac

EcoStar 2.0 Ton inverter AC is available in three different variants including the G-smart series, Argus series, and crown series. EcoStar inverter AC price for the 2.0 Ton category has a maximum price tag of 125,000, which is much lower than most of its competitors. Both EcoStar & Gree enjoy considerable market acceptance due to many factors such as thermal efficiency, durability, and lower energy consumption.

Attractive Choice in the 1.5 Ton Inverter AC Range

We, at DWP Home, are showcasing the best ACs in Pakistan. When it comes to the 1.5 Ton Inverter AC, Gree is offering six different variants such as Gree Fairy Series, Lomo Series, and Pular Series. These variants have a price range of Rs.103,000-Rs.136,500. When compared to inverter air conditioner prices in the market these prices are highly competitive and a much better bargain than similar size ACs of other brands.

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The EcoStar 1.5-ton Inverter AC series comes in four variants including Crown, Primo, Argus, and G-Series. Equipped with the latest cooling and energy-saving technology, the price of these variants ranges from Rs.89,000 to Rs.96,500, much more affordable than its competitors and within the purchasing power of most of the consumers. Both the EcoStar 1.5 Ton and Gree Inverter 1.5 ton are sufficient for cooling an enclosed area ranging from 1000 ft3 to 2250 ft3, which is usually the size of a large bedroom or living room.

1.0 Ton Inverter AC -Affordable and Energy Efficient

DWP home offers both Gree and EcoStar Inverter ACs in the 1.0 Ton category. The 1 Ton Inverter AC is probably the highest selling category in the Pakistani market. The primary reason for this is its affordability, almost everyone can afford it. The Gree 1.0 ton Inverter AC has five variants including such as the Pular Series and the Fairy Econo Series. The price range for these variants is from 77,900-85900, making it extremely attractive to Pakistani households. 

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The EcoStar 1.5 Ton Inverter ACs are available in three variants; Argus, G-Smart, Crown, and Primo Series. Price range for these variants is Rs.69,900- 73,500. These ACs are sufficient for cooling a room size of 1000 cubic ft. They are highly efficient and save a considerable amount of electricity bills.

Why are Gree and EcoStar Inverter ACs Among the Best Inverter ACs?

DWP Home strives to bring the best inverter AC to your living rooms, bedrooms, offices and every space. What defines the best Inverter AC? Energy efficiency, cooling/heating coverage, and affordability. If you buy the Inverter AC which matches your room size, you will never complain about either. Consider all important factors before purchasing your Inverter. These factors include the size of your room, the height of your floor, and exposure to sunlight. If you live on the top floor and your building is directly exposed to sunlight , you should opt for a larger capacity Inverter. 

The best thing about Inverter AC is that even if you install a slightly larger AC than required, it will not have a considerable effect on your electricity bill. The voltage will drop the moment the desired room temperature is achieved. This is why Inverter AC price should not be the only determinant when purchasing an air conditioner.

Ecostar and Gree are ranked as two of the best brands of inverter ACs in the market. Gree is a market leader while EcoStar is growing fast owing to the factors we have mentioned above. The performance, durability, efficiency, and customer services have established both of the brands as the primary choice for consumers.

Conclusion – The Right AC for Your Home

Inverter ACs are probably one the best inventions of the 21st century, especially for countries like Pakistan, where summers and winters can reach extreme temperatures in various parts of the country. Another feature that suits Pakistanis is energy efficiency. Inflationary trends in our country have increased the cost of living and reduced our disposable income. Cost-saving methods come in handy when there are such trends in the economy. Inverter ACs reduce your electricity bills by reducing voltage consumption. 

Moreover, they are considered environmentally friendly compared to the non-inverter series. They conserve energy by reducing consumption. Here at DWP Home, we are offering you several variants of both Gree and Ecostar Inverter ACs in all sizes at affordable prices. Get in touch with us and take full benefit of our offers before the summer season begins. We are not merely sellers, we guarantee the performance of our products and also provide after-sale services to the complete satisfaction of our customers.

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