Best Refrigerators in Pakistan

DWP Home is offering a variety of Gree refrigerators in Pakistan. From inverter refrigerators to conventional variety, Gree has established itself as a change-maker in the market. They introduced their line of refrigerators recently and have already established a foothold. Every other refrigerator sale point in Pakistani markets ranks Gree as a consumer favorite. Ask consumers to name the best refrigerator and many of them will name Gree. These refrigerators are equipped with European compressors and make very little noise. The inverter refrigerators save voltage consumption and therefore your electricity bills also decrease. Other noticeable features include deep cooling with temperatures as low as -25 °C. Thicker insulation ensures that cooling is retained even when there is no power input. You can also control the humidity level according to the type of food item you are storing. The coolant gas which is used in Gree refrigerators is environmentally friendly and they are also equipped with anti-bacterial gaskets in order to keep food items healthy and hygienic. There are also no-frost refrigerators which can save you the hassle of defrosting every once in a while.

There are several refrigerator brands in the market including locally assembled and imported refrigerators. The imported refrigerator price in Pakistan is usually very high and they have no warranty. They are mostly no-frost but are not reliable. Their spare parts are also hard to get and have a high cost of replacement. Gree refrigerator prices range from as low as Rs.55,000 to as high as Rs.199,000 depending on the type and features you need. Gree is the best refrigerator in Pakistan in terms of performance, efficiency, and durability. When it comes to refrigerator price, Gree refrigerators have a price range which covers several income groups. Even independent freezer prices in Pakistan are higher than what Gree is offering.

Gree Everest Series

Gree refrigerators are available in several sizes and you can choose the one that best suits your home and your requirements. A study of price comparison will reveal that the room refrigerator price in Pakistan has been consistently increasing. On the other hand, consumers are shifting from standard refrigerators to inverters in order to reduce the effect of this inflationary trend. Inverter refrigerators reduce your monthly electricity bill and are also environment friendly. It is believed that the medium size fridge price in Pakistan in 2022 will increase further as it is a product that is the highest in demand. The Everest Series by GREE is the solution to all these problems.

The series has a capacity range of 384 Ltrs to 489 Ltrs and varies from a price of Rs.68,900 to Rs.87,300. The series is available in several fancy colors and finishes. This medium-size series will not only make your home look graceful, but also save your electricity cost. There are digital and non-digital variants in this series and both are priced reasonably. The series is equipped with large size freezers and is one of the best fridge in Pakistan.

 Gree Double Door Refrigerator and Multi-Door Refrigerator

The Gree SBS No-Frost Inverter Refrigerator 300 G is loaded with features such as anti-frost and is the best refrigerator in Pakistan when it comes to value for money. It is a side-by-side refrigerator and has a beautiful look. A multi-air flow system has been installed in the refrigerator to make sure that cool air is evenly distributed. It also has an ion deodorization system that reduces odor and prevents bacterial growth. The refrigerator has a huge storage space with 22 independent storage compartments. Its noise level is only 41 DB which means that you will no longer be uncomfortable because of the loud sound. The compressor has a warranty of 5 years and it has a freezing capacity of 8Kg/day.

This is one of the top-quality inverter refrigerators by Gree and is available at DWP Home for a price of Rs. 199,000/-. Another variation of the no-frost fridge is the Gree SBS No-Frost Inverter Refrigerator 250 G. It is a double-door refrigerator with the same features, but a relatively smaller size. The refrigerator is however priced competitively at Rs.159,000/- when compared to the full-size fridge price in Pakistan, especially compared to the pricing of imported no-frost brands. With ever-increasing global warming as well as cost of living, the freezer price in Pakistan 2022 is expected to increase further. Therefore, this is the right time to purchase the right fridge for your home.

Gree Denali & Nevada Series

The Gree Denali & Nevada series ranges from 310 Ltrs to 340 Ltrs. The 310 Ltr fridge can also be used as a bedroom fridge. It is compact, but cost-efficient. The price of these series ranges from Rs. 55,000 to 69,000 and are an affordable option for most families when compared to the fridge price of other brands. Both series have features like low voltage operation which ensure efficient consumption of electricity. The cooling retention feature prevents loss of cooling during load shedding, while the deep cooling feature provides cooling temperature as low as -25 °C. All refrigerators come with a five-year warranty for the compressors. The Denali & Nevada series are perfect for small families and are priced accordingly without compromising on quality or appearance.



Gree has become a household name in very little time. Their appliances have made their way to a majority of households in Pakistan. They stepped into the refrigerator market comparatively later than their competitors, but have taken over them in a short period of time. Their refrigerators not only look stylish, but are also equipped with the latest technologies in order to ensure that they deliver what they have promised. They offer a cost-efficient solution in the form of inverter refrigerator units of various capacities equipped with the largest freezers and at reasonable prices. By providing no-frost variants they are also competing effectively with imported refrigerators. Their after-sale service has also received positive reviews from customers just like their products. Check out their best range at DWP Home and select the one that suits you best.


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