Best LED TV of 2022

Buy EcoStar Android LED TV online DWP Home

DWP Home is offering an android LED TV with new smarter features through EcoStar. EcoStar is one of the globe’s number one manufacturers of electronic appliances of premium quality. The brand has been serving the best appliances for more than a decade. It is the experience of more than ten years that is making EcoStar bring nothing less than the best. Endless efforts of our team to provide you with the best android LED TV for the most feasible LED TV prices in Pakistan. Furthermore, we aim to deliver you an android LED TV at a low LED TV price in the comfort zone of your house.

EcoStar by DWP Home presents the best android LED TV with dope smart features. The supreme quality of video and audio features with internet access and control by voice command are a few of these features. In addition to this, EcoStar is offering all these features at affordable smart TV prices in Pakistan.

65-inch LED TV 

EcoStar presents the best-LED TV in Pakistan. It is often seen that high-quality electronic appliances with smart features are costly. But EcoStar offers special offers regarding smart TV prices. It is offering an android LED TV at an affordable smart TV price. EcoStar has a wide range of premium quality android LED TVs. The range covers smart TVs of different screen sizes. The 65 inch Led TV is one of the top big-screen LED TVs. The other two are 75-inch TV and 55-inch TV.

65 inch LED TV is suitable for domestic as well as official use. It has a display of 4k resolution with Dolby Vision and Tru Surround sound system. The latest version of video and audio technology gives you an immersive experience of screen time. Moreover, Bluetooth 5.0 enables you to connect and share up to several devices at a time. Internet access and chrome cast built-in to offer different options of entertainment. The latest Android 10 runs the LED TV and its functions without any delay. 

50-inch LED TV

DWP Home is offering a 50 inch LED TV under the tag of EcoStar. 50-inch LED TV has numerous features that make it the first choice. These features include the capability of high-dynamic-range 10 which means the fastest moving objects appear to move smoothly on the screen. Google play store enables you to download different games and apps to enjoy entertainment time like never before. Moreover, the Bluetooth feature allows you to connect and share up to several devices and enjoy multimedia of your choice. As the LED prices in Pakistan are sky-high due to the majority of people shifting from conventional TVs to android LED TV. However, EcoStar put forward reasonable android LED TV prices in Pakistan.

40-inch LED TV

EcoStar’s 40-inch LED TV is one of the key products among its major electronic appliances. The brand is home to premium quality 40-inch LED TV which is winning the race in the market. It is cost-effective and durable as well. The purchase decision of a 40-inch LED TV consequently favors you by all means. It increases the aesthetic beauty of your interior with its slim and sleek design. Moreover, its frameless design enhances the screen time experience with your friends and family. Furthermore, Dolby audio with a full HD display brings the best leisure time pass. In addition to this, other smart features that make it the best choice include Bluetooth enabled, licensed video apps, chrome cast in-built powered by android 9.0 for unlimited entertainment.

EcoStar endeavors for you to get an easy budget 40 inch LED price in Pakistan every time. You may not find such reasonable and effective LED TV prices in Pakistan in 2022.

32-inch LED TV by EcoStar

EcoStar has not left any stone unturned to facilitate its customers to get the most out of its wide range of android LED TV. The 32 inch LED TV is evidence of those untiring efforts to make you feel included. We have something for everyone on our product list. So, EcoStar stands behind its smart LED TV price in Pakistan. We put forward a sleek design A grade panel for you to add to your interior. DWP Home favors EcoStar LED 32-inch price in Pakistan and aims to make it more easily available for its top consumers. The 32-inch LED TV purchase decision may be the best decision ever.


EcoStar put forward the best services in the form of presenting premium quality android LED TV at the doorstep of its customers. DWP Home offers its services through the world’s leading electronic appliances manufacturer EcoStar so that the high standard products become approachable to everyone. No matter which of the android LED TV you opt to purchase, all bear the same supreme standard technology and performance. However, you may wish to judge the market repute of these android LED TVs. If you wish to see the market performance or want to know about price information, you may visit the DWP Home website. Moreover, simply talk to a service representative. EcoStar owns a good name in terms of before and after-sales services.

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