Best home appliances of daily use in Pakistan

Home appliances at DWP Home

DWP Home strives to put forward supreme quality home appliances for its customers. Moreover, we aim to provide you with our best services of home delivery of the products. EcoStar is manufacturing the world’s high-quality electronic appliances and is serving through DWP Home. The brand bears a marker experience of more than ten years. Moreover, these ten years hold a lot of effort and hard work in bringing the best to display. EcoStar strives for three things in its electronic appliances; efficiency, durability and affordability. 

EcoStar presents a long list of home appliances of super standard. Some of these appliances include an air conditioner, steam iron, micro oven, air purifier, water dispensers, room heater, juicer blender, washing machine and food processor, etc. All of these home appliances are there for you to help you in performing daily life chores. Purchase the best quality and most durable all of these home appliances from DWP Home for an easy life.

Air purifier for a healthier life

DWP Home is a hub for premium quality home appliances in Pakistan. It is evidence of our concerns about you and your health. Due to the present situation of pollution and air quality in Pakistan, it is important to take some measures to withstand the situation. For this, DWP Home is here to make your living room’s air standards up to pollution-free with its air purifier. The air purifier has an air quality indicator feature to let you know about the atmosphere around you. Moreover, the dope thing about the best air purifier is that it also kills germs and bacteria up to 99% and makes your room’s ecosystem even more hygienic. Additionally, it has a feature of filter replacement as well so that there is no interruption in the process of continuous supply of pure air.

We played our role well by placing the best home appliances to display for you. However, now it is your responsibility to opt best for you and your family so that they may have a healthier and easier life.

The best kitchen appliances by EcoStar

As most of the items in the range of home appliances are electric kitchen appliances. DWP Home has a special focus to bring the best kitchen appliances through the EcoStar. These efforts are consequences of the observation that every house is considered complete if it has the right set of home appliances, especially the kitchen appliances. Moreover, the daily routine tasks become an ordeal without proper kitchen appliances. The use of kitchen appliances brings perfection to daily life chores in the kitchen. Additionally, it saves time a great deal. 

To purchase the best kitchen appliances, visit the DWP Home webpage. You will get all the details and offers regarding products. 

Room heater and steam iron 

DWP Home is well aware of winter conditions in Pakistan. Therefore, it is offering a room heater to make winters comfy for you. The electric room heater is durable and designed for Pakistani homes. It bears an auto power-off system to avoid overheating and any other hazards. Moreover, it is efficient with power, so it is light on the electricity bill.

Other small appliances in the category include steam iron. EcoStar presents steam iron with many features. It removes the creases from clothes perfectly and extends the life of clothes. We also provide a manual guide with our products so that you may find it easy to operate them.

EcoStar Juicer blender, the best food processor and washing machine

EcoStar is there round the clock and works for you throughout the year. Whether it is summer or winter, EcoStar stands behind you to make your life easy in all circumstances. Some of the other small home appliances include a juicer blender, food processor and washing machine. The Juicer blender comes in two versions. The first is a 3-in-1; juicer, blender and grinder and the other is a 2-in-1; table blender. Both work well and are time-saving appliances. 

EcoStar put forward it’s the best food processor for you to take your working experience in the kitchen to the next level of ease and comfort. Additionally, this 10-in-1 food processor saves much time from different tasks while cooking.

DWP Home is introducing the latest generation twin tub washing machine through EcoStar. There is also a spin dryer machine in this category. We are manufacturing durable and less power consuming washing machines. The body of the washing machine is rust free and has multiple washing options. The technology of the EcoStar washing machine has the magic of keeping your clothes in a new look wash after wash. So, do not let ordinary washing machines fade out colors from your clothes. Buy from DWP Home, the best twin tub washing machine by EcoStar.


DWP Home has Gree and EcoStar as the top manufacturers of home appliances for daily use in Pakistan. The brand is famous for bringing the best home appliances to end consumers. Moreover, it is successful in making outstanding market repute and performance. Certain reasons are behind our success. We opt for the latest technology while manufacturing the products.

Moreover, we present them in the best way through the best before and after-sales services. DWP Home is providing the best services for more than three decades and making Pakistan proud to have such dope industries. So, come to us to shop for all the electronic appliances. DWP Home stands behind the guarantee and warranty of its appliances from both Gree and EcoStar.


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