Best Home Appliances for Daily Use in Pakistan

Looking to ease your life at home? We have got you covered with the best Home Appliances in Pakistan available at a very budget-friendly price at only DWP Home. These electronic devices are designed with up-to-the-minute technology, allowing compact sizes and an exuberant look. Not only do these Home Appliances provide durability & energy efficiency but they also create an eco-system, ultimately automating your house system for better resource management. 

EcoStar is one of the leading brands which provides a wide range of these devices from Air Purifiers to food processors, each of these devices bringing an element of uniqueness to the table. DWP Home has all these amazing devices listed up on our website with prices you can’t resist them buying. We also provide Free Shipping Nationwide so you can get access to all your favorite Home Appliances at the earliest. We have put together some of the most useful devices that will simplify all your daily routine tasks. 

Electric Steel Kettle

EcoStar presents its two variants of the electric kettle. Let’s talk about the first one which is priced at only Rs/-4,900 on DWP Home. This Electric Kitchen Appliance is made with stainless steel to avoid any corrosion and provide long-term use. The boil-dry protection makes it unique because this device will turn off once it detects either the water inside has been completely evaporated or it has been turned on without any water. This lightweight Home Appliance comes with a detachable non-slip charging base so you clean it very easily by simply removing its base. The safety lid lock makes it very environment-friendly to use. In buttons placed on its handle offer very simple functionality with one side turning it on while the other turns it off. 

Moving on to the next gadget, this Electric Kettle by EcoStar is available on DWP Home for just Rs/-2,900. It’s very easy to use like the other variant but it does come in a plastic body, making it a lot more lightweight to carry around. What makes it so special? The auto-lid opening function along with a removable heat plate is what makes it quite a stellar product to buy. Available in both black & white colors, this elegant Home Appliance automatically turns off when the water is completely boiled. Talking about the capacity of the container, this kettle can hold 1.7L of water which can be boiled instantly with 1850-2200W. The anti-slip design also allows cord storage in the charging base so it can fit very harmoniously in your kitchen space. Last but not least, this device does also come with proper water level marking to help you measure the amount of water you want to boil. 

Food Processor 

Stand out in everyday chores with EcoStar’s Food Processor which includes about 10 different Home Appliances for your kitchen. DWP Home offers this package for just Rs/-10,500 along with Free Shipping too. 

One of the first devices you will get to see is the glass-made table blender by EcoStar. Working on a 500W copper motor, this blender comes with 6 pieces of stainless steel blades and stainless steel blade base that is very easy to disassemble and wash after use. With the anti-slip rubber feet, this Kitchen Home Appliance can be operated on 2 speeds with its deluxe stainless steel rotating ring. If you want to buy this device separately for your kitchen tasks, DWP Home offers it for Rs/-6,500 along with an official warranty from the company.  

Another useful product you will get to witness by EcoStar is this Juicer Blender that can prove to be very friendly to opt for during your cooking. This electronic device is manufactured in such a way that its parts can be easily detached for cleaning purposes. It also comes with built-in motor overheating protection & plastic pusher button, allowing easier functionality.  

Steam Iron

EcoStar brings this Steam Iron for all those beginner individuals who seem to face troubles while ironing their clothes. These types of iron moisten the fibers of your clothes, making them soft for ironing. This also helps the pressed look to last longer. One of the major advantages of this Home Appliance over Dry Iron is that it gets the work done much faster & takes much less time to heat up. Available in two dashing colors, the vertical spray system & anti-drip function allows self-cleaning of the stainless steel soleplate. You can get it now for just Rs/-3,800 from DWP Home.   

Time to Upgrade Home Appliances

These Home Appliances can really make your life easy at home. You can get awesome rates on all of these electronic products EcoStar with DWP Home as their official distributor in Pakistan. With Free Shipping & after-sale services, we personalize the buying process for each customer. To further simplify your shopping, you may also install the official app of DWP Home which is available for both IOS & Android. Use the following link to install the app right now & get updates about all the recent products in time. Visit our website & Shop Now!

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