Best Gree refrigerators of 2022

The best refrigerator in Pakistan

DWP Home is presenting the best Gree refrigerator of 2022. There is a wide variety of refrigerators on display at Gree. There is a special offer for the floral and texture design of the Everest digital refrigerator. Moreover, there are SBS double door refrigerators as well which have the latest French inverter and no frost technology. The smart features are there for customers to keep the use of the refrigerator simple yet modern.

Gree has the best refrigerator in Pakistan in every aspect. We have been serving Pakistan and the outer world with the best electronic appliances for more than three decades. Moreover, we aim to have something for everyone. So, Gree sometimes makes compromises over refrigerator prices in Pakistan, however, the quality standard never drops. To buy the best refrigerator in Pakistan, visit DWP Home’s official website to see the details of the variants and place an order.

Gree Refrigerators

Refrigerator price in Pakistan

Gree fridge is one of the must-have electronic appliances due to many reasons. It gives you a sense of satisfaction and comfort as it is the most energy-efficient refrigerator. The features such as child lock enable you to keep your kids out of range. Moreover, there is a door opening alarm system so that you may close the door in time to save energy and cooling. It is quite easy to maintain as well. There is a removable and washable door seal so that you may clean it easily.

In addition to this, you can keep your house floor clean under the refrigerator by adjusting height through adjustable feet. All of these features make it worth buying. You may not find any other refrigerator with such features in this room refrigerator price in Pakistan. In the history of full-size fridge prices in Pakistan, Gree holds the top position for offering the lowest refrigerator price.

Gree Refrigerators in Pakistan

Gree refrigerator

DWP Home has a special French technology refrigerator that performs multiple smart functions. These smart functions include fast freezing and cooling functions for the rapid decrease in temperature. Moreover, the Gree refrigerator has a multi-airflow system for even cooling. It automatically defrosts and there is no need for manual defrosting. This is one of the latest technologies in the world of double-door refrigerators. Moreover, the inverter technology is making it consume less energy and show more output. The bigger size of side by side and up and down double door refrigerator enables you to store more food items than before. Gree is offering the lowest full-size fridge price in Pakistan in comparison to other brands of refrigerators.

Best Refrigerators of 2022

Double door refrigerator

As the ongoing season is of high demand for refrigerators, the full-size fridge price in Pakistan is going high. In the episode of inflation in Pakistan these days, Gree is making the lives of our nation easier. We are on the way to keeping your food fresh and keeping you healthy. Now, you may add more and more eatables to this double-door refrigerator because it has twenty-two different placements for your family’s food storage. The full-size fridge price in Pakistan by Gree covers the cost of super multiple features that will definitely make your life easier. Moreover, it is easy to use because it has a crisper and drawer with a slide rail design for easy access to frequently used items.

Gree Refrigerators

Best fridge in Pakistan by Gree

DWP home is the house of the world’s best refrigerator. We are offering the latest technology features in our refrigerator to make it the best fridge in Pakistan. The smart features available in the functioning of refrigerators take the meaning of refrigeration to the next level. There is no other refrigerator in Pakistan that is available with low cost and premium features. The market performance of our refrigerator is evidence of it. Moreover, the durability of both digital and floral series of refrigerators is guaranteed. This is the most reliable refrigerator in Pakistan. In addition, Gree is offering the most reasonable prices for all the variants in its range.


There is a wide variety of refrigerators in the show house of DWP Home. Gree is offering beautiful and high-performing refrigerators for fewer prices in comparison to other brands. There is a special discount offer on some of the variants of the floral and textured Everest series. Moreover, no frost inverter technology is taking the concept of refrigerators to a whole new level. We stand behind the warranty for the compressor and other parts. There is a guarantee for the long-lasting optimum performance of the refrigerator. Not just the performance, the look of the refrigerator is elegant due to glossy finishes and floral pattern.


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