Best Electric Heaters in Pakistan, their Prices & Features

Find Out All About the Best Electric Heaters in Pakistan, their Prices and Features

Pakistan experiences very low temperatures during the winters in many of its parts. As a consequence of this, there is hardly any home without a heater. Historically, gas heaters were the primary choice, but since gas shortages have rocked Pakistanis around the country in recent years, people are now more interested in electric heaters and other alternative heating methods. Electric heaters have many advantages. They do not require natural gas or any other fuel for operation and therefore are not affected by gas shortages in the country. 

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An electric heater is environment friendly as there is no burning involved and it does not let out smoke or fumes. They are much safer compared to gas heaters. You can switch on your electric room heater and sleep without any fear. The electric heater price is much lower than the gas heater. Many companies are marketing their electric heaters in the Pakistani market such as Gree heater, Delonghi, Geepas, Phillips, Seco, etc. Keeping in view the benefits of electric heaters, DWP Home is offering you electric heaters by Gree. These are available in two types, a quartz heater, and oil-filled electric heaters.

What are Oil Filled Electric Heaters? How Do They Operate?

Oil filled room heater is a type of convection heater. They use heat transfer to increase the room temperature. The oil does not burn, heat is transferred by electricity to the heating element from the heating element to the oil, and from the oil to the environment. This implies that there are no fumes or smoke in the air, keeping the environment clean while increasing the room temperature through thermal radiation. The number of fins defines the heat transfer capacity of the heater. More fins means more heat.

The fact that it does not pollute your indoor air makes the oil filled heater the best room heater. The room heater price for this type normally ranges from Rs.8000 to Rs.35000 depending on several factors such as brand and capacity. However, do not think of price as the primary factor when selecting the best electric heater, because the performance matters most.

Gree Oil-Filled heater with 13 Fins is An Eco-Friendly High Powered Heater

The 13 inch variant of the Gree oil filled heater delivers an output of 2200 watts when working at full capacity. You can choose from three different power modes; high, medium, and low. The heater is equipped with overheat protection, implying that it automatically shuts off if its internal parts become overheated. 

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The thermostat is also automatic which results in energy saving. The oil-filled heater has low noise and high efficiency. It has a portable installation which means you can install it in any room at any time. It is priced at Rs.21,900 in Pakistan. Compared to other oil filled heaters of other brands this price is very reasonable.

Gree Oil Filled Heater with 11 Fins is Energy Efficient and the Perfect Room Heater

The 11 fin Gree oil filled heater delivers a maximum output of 2200 watts. Just like the 13-inch variant, it has three power modes; high, medium, and low. High mode is for high heat and so on. It also has the feature of overheat protection and automatic shut off to protect its internal parts as well as you. The safety feature makes it a good choice for cautious people. It is equipped with an automatic thermostat for conserving energy. The oil-filled heater has low noise and high efficiency.

You can install it anywhere in your room, uninstall it and install it elsewhere with relative ease. 11 fins do not make this a small space heater, it is suitable for a medium-size room. Its energy conservation technology makes it the best electric heater in Pakistan as it will save your electricity bill. Its eco-friendly features make it ideal for homes and the best room heater to have.

Gree Quartz Electric Heater is the Best Room Heater for Your Small Rooms

Compact in size but mighty in power, the Quartz Tube Gree heater is a lightweight room heater. The size and weight of this small electric heater make it a portable electric heater that you can take anywhere in your home. It is energy-efficient and consumes little power. The electric heater is equipped with an auto-shut-off feature to keep your heater safe.

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The price of the electric heater is only Rs.6200. Heat is generated when electricity passes through the heating element. There is no smoke as no fuel is involved. These features make the Gree Quartz heater the best portable heater.

Why are Gree Oil Filled Heaters the Best and Why Should You Buy Them?

DWP Home is a provider of quality appliances around Pakistan. We have dedicated ourselves to bringing you the best of the best. One such effort is to introduce you to the Gree Electric Heaters which are far safer and more energy-efficient than gas heaters. Electric heaters are of so many types and a buyer can get confused when making a purchasing decision.

However, one should always remember his requirements first. For a very small room or for personal use in an office the Gree Quartz heater can serve the purpose. For homes and medium to large size rooms, an oil filled heater is the perfect choice due to several facts such as energy conservation, low power consumption, no pollution, no need for any gas, no toxic fumes, and no threat to your life when you are enjoying the warmth of a Gree oil filled electric heater. 

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Within the options available in the market for oil-filled heaters, Gree stands out among all of them. It established itself as a reputable brand for appliances more than a decade ago. It has held on to that reputation throughout this time. In the inverter air conditioner market, Gree is a leader. When it comes to after-sales service, Gree has been exceptional. Don’t waste your hard-earned money on brands you have never heard of, brands that do not have after-sales service in Pakistan, or they do not have a repair/replacement policy. Opt for those with a name, repute, and those who provide quality products.

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