Best Ecostar AC of 2022 Year in Pakistan

EcoStar Inverter ACs are among DWP Home’s top selected products that we are offering at affordable prices. Among the top performers in the Inverter AC market in Pakistan, many brands are offering a variety of features but few can match the value for money that EcoStar is offering. A relatively late market entrant, it has taken the Pakistani appliances market by storm, the reason being affordable prices, reliable quality, long service life, and excellent customer service. These are just a few of the reasons why an EcoStar air conditioner can be easily found in every other home and office. The company is offering a whole line of Inverter air conditioner series with the latest features and employs world-class technology. In just a short period, EcoStar Inverter AC has become the primary choice of many consumers and has joined the competition for the best Inverter AC series in the country.

EcoStar’s Inverter ACs are DWP Home’s Best Sellers

Consumers may find numerous AC brands with somewhat the same features in the market but EcoStar’s edge over its competitors is the immense value it is offering within a very affordable price range. EcoStar AC price range falls within the purchasing power of numerous consumer classes. A detailed comparative analysis of Inverter AC price in the Pakistani market will reveal that Ecostar Inverter AC price is highly competitive and is offering its competitors a run for their money. We at DWP home have made EcoStar inverter ACs a regular part of our product inventory because of the brand’s reputation, product durability, and after-sale service. Our relationship with EcoStar is a strong and successful one as it has turned out to be one of the best Inverter AC brands in the country.

Best EcoStar 2 Ton AC -The G Smart Series

DWP home is offering three variants of EcoStar Inverter ACs; Crown series, Argus Series, and G-Smart Series. All three rank among the best 2.0 Ton Inverter AC brands available in the market. However, the latest and the best is the G-Smart Series. The EcoStar 2 ton Inverter is equip with multi-health filters which are anti-formaldehyde and work to purify the air inside your room. It is equip with an evaporator that self cleans thus enhancing the inverter’s performance.

Its low voltage technology reduces energy consumption and saves your electricity bill. The heating and cooling utilization are variable and you can choose from three different modes. It has a powerful air thrust that can go up to 40 feet; this makes it excellent for big rooms like your living room or drawing-room. It has an operational noise of only 20 dB, making it almost noiseless. EcoStar Inverter 2 ton AC price is only Rs. 142,900.

Best EcoStar AC 1.5 Ton Inverter- G Smart Series

The EcoStar AC 1.5 Ton is available in the G-Smart series, Primo Series, Argus Series, and the Crown series. All variants are powerful enough to provide air conditioning for medium to large rooms. The G-Smart variant is the latest model and is equipped with world-class ES7 inverter technology that allows low voltage operation and considerable reduction in energy consumption. The 1.5 ton Inverter AC is also armed with multi health filters which have several health benefits including a reduction in air pollutants. Its multi-directional airflow system increases the level of cooling and heating. This ensures that you can quickly attain the desired room temperature without wasting energy. Three different heating and cooling modes allow you considerable control over temperature and efficiency. The EcoStar AC 1.5 ton price for the G-Smart series is only Rs. 101,500. This makes it one the best offers for an air conditioner with excellent features.

Best EcoStar 1 ton inverter AC- G-Smart Series

EcoStar has an offer for everyone. If you are looking for air conditioning for your bedrooms or any small to medium size room, then EcoStar 1 ton Inverter AC shall suffice. You can choose among the Argus series, Crown Series, G-Smart Series, or the Primo Series. As the world moves towards smarter things. Our recommendation for the best EcoStar AC in the 1.5 ton category is the G-Smart variant. Just like the rest of the sizes in the G-Smart series, the 1.0 ton inverter is also arm with the latest ES7 technology. It has three heating and cooling modes. Low voltage operation helps you save your electricity bills and special health filters keep the indoor air healthy for you. This compact unit has a self-cleaning evaporator thus giving a long life to your unit. The 1 ton AC price of the EcoStar G-Smart variant is Rs.81,500 which is highly competitive and affordable.

DWP Home showcases the best EcoStar ACs with the latest features.

DWP Home offers the EcoStar series including Primo Series, Crown Series, Argus Series, and G-Smart series in all the traditional capacities. The G-Smart series is the latest one among these series and offers several outstanding features such as multi health filters, ES7 inverter technology, multiple heating & cooling modes, and low energy consumption. These smart inverter ACs can be connect to your WiFi and you can operate them using just your cell phone. 

The 4D powerful air throw system allows you to cool or heat your indoors efficiently and in little time. Gold fin condenser and evaporator make conduction easier and therefore more efficient. Moreover, the evaporators are self-cleaning which implies that there will be no blockage. Thus making the unit’s operations even more effective. Low noise operation is another feature of these modern inverter ACs by EcoStar. These reasons combined with a customer-friendly after-sale service makes EcoStar a permanent part of our product portfolio.

We at DWP Home are offering their best variants at very reasonable prices. So that you can enjoy a comfortable, clean, and energy-efficient environment in your homes as well as your offices. Regardless of the size and variant you choose, your complete satisfaction is of utmost importance to us. Contact us today for purchasing the best EcoStar ACs for your home or workplace.

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