4k Android Led TV in Pakistan

The TV industry has evolved so quickly over the years that we wonder what is next. From the classical heavy TV sets to LCDs, from LCDs to HD TV, and from HD TV to Android LED TV or smart TVs as they are called, it has taken less than 15 years for this incredible evolution. TVs have become slim and compact; the pixel quality has improved so much that viewers feel more indulged than ever before. To add to this experience, you can now connect your smart/android TV to the internet, enhancing your entertainment horizon by manifolds. 

The Pakistani market was quick to follow up with these developments and there are numerous brands offering a variety of smart TVs in Pakistan. These include the high-end imported brands and local assemblers/manufacturers. Initially the former were defining the LED TV price in Pakistan but new market entrants such as EcoStar are now giving these imported brands a run for their money. This competition has contributed greatly to the reduction in Smart TV price in Pakistan and now nearly every household can afford these smart TVs.

Another factor influencing the LED TV price is the import of relatively affordable Chinese brands which are offering the same features as the expensive brands. DWP home is offering android TVs by EcoStar in different sizes and with different features at affordable prices.

EcoStar 65″ Android UHD TV

This Colossal 65 inch TV by EcoStar is offering a viewing experience that will glue you to your couch. It has a resolution of 4K which is the same resolution in which most of the movies are made. What does this mean? It means that you will experience the best graphics and visuals. Another benefit of this android LED TV is that you can connect it to your WiFi and watch Netflix and other media applications. Android apps can be easily installed from the Google Play store. The smart TV comes with a built-in Bluetooth enabling you to conveniently transfer media files. The audio experience is as good as the video with DTS TruSurround sound effects. The Android TV has a 2 GB Ram ensuring smooth operations. 

It is available at DWP Home for a price of Rs. 165,000 which is far more affordable as compared to other smart TVs of the same size. Its features are comparable to high-end expensive smart TV brands. Its frameless design enhances the viewing experience and its beautiful appearance will make your TV room look graceful. The high-quality android TV is also perfect for gaming and you can connect any gaming console you want. The smart TV price is following an increasing trend due to high demand. So hurry up and grace your home with the best LED TV in Pakistan.

EcoStar 50″ Android UHD TV

EcoStar 50 inch LED is one of our star performers.  This 4K Ultra HD TV is EcoStar’s answer to expensive brands which few can afford when you look at android LED TV price in Pakistan. Connect this amazing TV to a digital cable box and enjoy the best graphics. You can connect it to your WiFi and use applications such as Netflix, Youtube, Amazon, and many more. It comes with an in-built Google Play store which can help you find and install android applications. The slim body and the frameless design make the smart TV look like a screen only. The built-in Bluetooth can facilitate you in transferring files while the USB port can be used as an alternate file transfer method. It is equipped with a 2 GB Ram and 8GB ROM. The Smart TV is priced at Rs. 93,500 which is very competitive as compared to the LED price in Pakistan.

EcoStar 40″ Android UHD TV

We at DWP Home have something for every home. Your smart TV does not necessarily have to be the biggest, however it should be one of the best and offer you a worth remembering experience. The EcoStar 40 inch LED has several features such as in-built Bluetooth, HDMI, USB Ports, Google Play Store, Web Browsing, and many more. It has a resolution of 1920 x 1080 and offers an unmatched viewing experience. When it comes to the 40 inch LED price in Pakistan, the Ecostar 40″ Android UHD TV is priced competitively and is easily affordable at the stated price of Rs. 55,900/. The trend towards android TVs is increasing at a fast pace and everyone now prefers smart TVs. The LED TV price in Pakistan 2022 is expected to be much higher, so don’t waste your time and get a smart TV for yourself from DWP Home.

led tv in pakistan

EcoStar 32″ Sound Pro LED TV

The EcoStar 32 inch LED TV is perfect for small rooms. This compact LED Tv has two HDMI inputs and a USB port so you can watch your favorite TV shows and movies. Connect this little wonder to a digital cable box or a gaming console and enjoy the experience. The EcoStar LED 32 inch price in Pakistan being offered by DWP Home is Rs. 29,900/. At this price, EcoStar is offering the best features relative to other brands. The Smart LED TV price in Pakistan is ever-increasing due to its high demand. Do not miss out on the chance to get one of the best LEDs.

led tv in pakistan


DWP Home is offering high-quality household appliances including 4K Android LED TVs by EcoStar. These LED TVs are equipped with the latest technologies and features, making these LED TVs more than just TVs. You can connect it to HD Cable boxes, gaming consoles, DVD Players, or to the internet using your WiFi. Its smart features open the doors to a much broader spectrum of entertainment.

EcoStar has priced these LED TVs keeping in view the disposable income of the Pakistani consumers and at the same time, they have not compromised the quality. These Smart TVs come with a warranty and adequate after-sales service. They are offering the same features as the expensive brands and are giving tough competition to other international brands. Transform your homes into smart ones by getting the best LED TVs in Pakistan from DWP Home.

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